Friday, July 22, 2011

“Happy Friday” from Jay Imhauser

One more way MCC’s got talent; Jay Imhauser, who works at the MCC-Blue River Book Store, has been singing and strumming for most of his life. His latest CD, which is still in the late production stages, was released to a limited audience of music industry insiders and is already generating a buzz. In fact, he recently received a call from a yet-to-be-named Nashville recording artist requesting chord charts for the opening tune on his CD, entitled “Happy Friday.” If his songs keep getting enough attention,
perhaps Jay will be featured as a songwriter on national releases one day.

Jay’s talent for song writing is coupled with a natural knack for marketing. His album, Mother’s Day, features titles and lyrics that grab attention and beg to be shared. Who could resist sending mom an e-card with the tune “Mother’s Day” playing in the background? Who can’t appreciate sharing the song “Happy Friday” with their friends or coworkers when looking forward to a hard earned weekend?

Jay says he’s been playing guitar since 1966. “I sat down with a book of basic chords. My interests were the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. I joined a band in high school and was introduced to the ‘bar chord,’ which opened up my guitar world.” Jay has continued to pursue formal music education as well as enjoying the benefits of autodidactic guitar meditation. More recently, Jay says, “I’m approaching music differently; I’m learning to play TAB and learning to read music.” He has mastered modal chord and melody structure. For those who don’t study music themselves, that’s musician-speak for knowing your instrument backwards and forwards.

To find out more about Jay’s music or how to purchase a copy of the album, contact Jay at work through his email at

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