Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lactation rooms identified for employees

Lactation room symbol.
MCC has designated an employee lactation room on each campus and at the Administrative Center for providing a sanitary and private location for breastfeeding employees to express their milk during work hours. Employees are permitted to express their milk during their work hours for up to one year after the birth of a child.

The designated lactation rooms are located as follows:

MCC-Blue River: CC 230T
MCC-Business & Technology: CC 200D
MCC-Longview: CC 245
MCC-Maple Woods: ADMN 107B
MCC-Maple Woods/Northland Human Services: Room 2603 (Fitness Center Assessment Room)
MCC-Penn Valley: ST 339B
MCC-Penn Valley/Health Science Institute: 408Y
MCC-Administrative Center: 224A
Each room provides an electrical outlet, chair, and nearby access to hot running water and soap. Employees may prefer to use their own private office area, or another comfortable location agreed upon in consultation with the employee’s supervisor.

Employees who use the areas are responsible for keeping the area clean for the next user. This responsibility extends to both designated rooms, as well as other locations where expressing milk may occur. Employees may use their own cooler packs to store the expressed milk within their own work area.

Reasonable/Flexible Break Times

Employees shall be given flexible and reasonable breaks, using their own normal break periods and meal times, to better accommodate milk expression. For any amount of time that may be needed above and beyond the usual break periods, employees may use personal leave or may make up their time as negotiated with their supervisor.

It is the employee’s responsibility to keep supervisors informed of their needs so that appropriate accommodations can be made to satisfy the needs of both the employee and the department.

Non-Harassment of Breastfeeding Employees

It is prohibited to harass a breastfeeding employee. Any incident of harassment will be addressed according to MCC’s administrative procedure for sexual harassment prevention. The administrative procedure can be found at http://web.mcckc.edu/asp/infoex/prp/files/330010AP.pdf

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