Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MCC Automotive is blazing new trails in Hybrid Vehicle technology

Danelle McKinney w/ Ford Hybrid

Blazing new trails in the automotive technology field is nothing new to students at Metropolitan Community College.

But did you know that MCC owns one of the first ever produced Ford Hybird vehicles and instructors use it daily to train the next generation of automotive engineers and technology specialists.

Even before Ford Automotive began mass producing the Ford Escape Hybird in 2004, instructors and students at the Longview campus were able to get a first-hand look at a prototype donated by Ford to the college.

Students removing the battery

Longview automotive instructor David Patience said the hybrid has been a valuable resource for students who want to learn about the inner-workings and mechanics of this new breed of car. Student can then take what they learn through the Longview Automotive Program and apply it directly to their career in auto engineering, mechanics or design.

The vehicle and hybrid training program is being featured next month in the Kansas City's Greenability Magazine.

To learn more about the Hybird vehicle and the MCC-Longview automotive program, be sure to check out

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