Friday, September 2, 2011

Chancellor’s Cabinet reviews Great Colleges to Work For survey

At the newly restructured Chancellor’s Cabinet on Monday, Mark James asked the cabinet to review the Chronicle of Higher Education’s results in the recent Great Colleges to Work For survey.

Survey respondents gave MCC strong marks in areas such as compensation, benefits and facilities. However, respondents of the survey were less than pleased in areas of collaboration; faculty, staff and administration relations; and communication.

James requested input from the cabinet in areas with less than desirable scores. He noted that it is up to us to make MCC a better college. Cabinet member are charged with sharing information and discussing the results with each of their governance groups.

“I really want to engage the new streamlined cabinet to be interactive, problem solving and more participatory in the decision-making process via their input,” said James. James views communication to MCC employees as being the key to addressing some of the mediocre survey results. The Cabinet members are responsible for getting that communication out to their constituents and bringing input back to the Cabinet.

The 2011 survey response rate increased 4% from the 2010 results. Some of the negative indicators are summarized as follows:
• Overall positive rating decreased by 1%
• Overall negative rating increased by 4%
• Percentage of negative results by job category increased over the 2010 results

To view both 2010 and 2011 results, click the links below:
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Great Colleges to Work For 2011

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