Monday, March 29, 2010

Save the earth: Recycle your stuff

Each month, MCC generates 62 tons of waste that goes to the landfill – but not for long. An expanded districtwide recycling program aims to reduce MCC’s footprint by making it easier for students and employees to recycle.

The expansion effort, coordinated by the MCC Green Initiatives Committee, means you’ll have more accessible and convenient ways to recycle, including small bins for individual office use and large bins in common areas.

The large bins will not only be easier to find – there are 215 new bins districtwide – but they will also allow for co-mingling of materials, which means you can toss all recyclables in one place.

Specifically, items collected in the bins include:
• newspaper
• catalogs
• ad inserts
• magazines
• phone books
• brochures
• office paper
• manila folders
• junk mail
• aluminum cans
• plastic containers numbered #1 through #7 (water bottles, yogurt tubs, takeout containers)
• carrier stock cardboard (soft drink cartons)
• chipboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes)
• NOTE: corrugated cardboard (shipping boxes, paper-ream boxes) is NOT accepted in the co-mingled bins. Separate receptacles are used for this; check with your custodial service department to find out where.

For more information on materials that are and are not accepted, click here.

This recycling program is done in conjunction with Deffenbaugh Industries and is implemented by MCC custodial services.

Monday, March 22, 2010

McGee hired as employee relations manager

On March 22, MCC human resources department welcomed Christina McGee, as the employee relations manager.

The employee relations manager plays a key role in overseeing various personnel policies and acts as a liaison for MCC employees. Some of McGee’s duties include facilitating mediation for complaints and investigations; ensuring that policies are being followed; and working with various committees, including the office of inclusion and diversity on matters of recruitment and availability.

McGee received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Purdue University and a master’s
degree in business administration from Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri
State University). She has three years experience in human resources in the areas of employee
relations matter, recruitment, diversity and training.

“I hope to be able to increase a better working environment,” said McGee. “It’s so important
that our employees are happy. I want to do want I can to create a positive work environment at

Monday, March 8, 2010

MCC receives $2.2 million grant

At a press conference held at MCC-Maple Woods on Wednesday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced a $2.2 million grant that will be given to MCC as part of the state’s Training for Tomorrow initiative. The grant, funded by the Department of Economic Development, will cover curriculum development for both new and existing programs in four areas: animal health, supply chain integration, healthcare and small business operations.

The Training for Tomorrow funding, intended to help community colleges grow and create programs that will prepare students for jobs in high-demand fields, was open to community colleges across the state. MCC’s request was coordinated in partnership with a coalition of leaders from Cass, Platte and Buchanan counties, the local counties that were eligible for the funding.

Planning and development for the new programs is already underway. Over the next two years, more than 20 credit and non-credit courses, certificates and degree programs will be created across the district. Pat Lees, coordinator of the grant and manager of special projects for the Institute for Workforce Innovation, anticipates working with every campus on this project.

"We will be working together to develop the new curricula and grow some of our existing programs," said Lees. "This funding gives us the opportunity to create programs in emerging fields, like those that can serve the rapidly-growing businesses in the logistics industry and the Animal Health Corridor, as well as in existing in-demand fields, like nursing and allied health."
To view the article from the Kansas City Business Journal click here.

Monday, March 1, 2010

On March 3 and 4, 2010, MCC will host the second annual Careers Unlimited exploration and career fair at the MCC-Business & Technology exhibit hall.

On the first day, March 3, the event will feature our 80 career and technical degree and certificate programs which blend classroom instruction with hands-on skill development. Nearly 3,000 area high school students are expected to be in attendance. Students will be able to see our programs in action and explore six career paths: arts and communication; business management and technology; health services; human services; industrial and engineering technology; and natural resources and agriculture.

On March 4, MCC will host a job fair in partnership with Job News, a well-respected source for job seekers and employers. MCC’s own continuing professional education programs will also be present to provide job seekers with information on programs that will develop their skills. MCC’s goal in hosting this job fair is to share information about in-demand careers and the education and training necessary to get started in those fields.

During the event, attendees on both days will have the opportunity to interact with MCC industry-experienced instructors and talk to admissions staff.

MCC is dedicated to serving our community, and this event, in part, was our response to the economic downturn. MCC is a resource for community members as they look to build their skills and acquire new ones through career education and training.