Thursday, April 1, 2010

Comments Policy

The MCC Insider is a website designed to distribute information about news, events and other activities related to Metropolitan Community College-Kansas City. The site will also provide a forum for relevant questions and discussion, whereby readers are encouraged to engage in healthy dialogue by responding to posted information with substantive, thoughtful and relevant comments.

Comments containing profanity, sexual innuendo, nudity, illegal material or hate speech are strictly prohibited and will be removed from the site immediately. Comments that are irrelevant to the original post or that represent blatant promotion of the commenter’s personal agenda are also subject to removal at the discretion of The MCC Insider staff. MCC reserves the right to restrict commenting privileges by any user who repeatedly disregards these restrictions.

The views expressed by commenters and other users who are not staff of The MCC Insider do not necessarily represent the views of MCC or its employees. MCC cannot guarantee the accuracy of statements posted by anyone outside of The MCC Insider staff. However, the staff will make every effort to verify and correct any inaccurate or questionable information that is distributed by way of The MCC Insider.

To ensure timely and accurate response to media requests, MCC asks that members of the media direct inquiries to a campus public information coordinator or the district public relations office. Phone numbers and email addresses for these contacts can be found on the front page of The MCC Insider.

All posts, including text, photos and video are property of MCC and are subject to copyright law.

For questions about acceptable use, please contact a member of the MCC public relations team or the editor of The MCC Insider.

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