Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MCC-Penn Valley President appears in latest issue of national monthly magazine

MCC-Penn Valley President Dr. Bernard Franklin was quoted in the latest issue of The Atlantic magazine. Read the article, "The End Of Men."
On page 2 of the online article, Franklin discusses his efforts to improve services to male students at Penn Valley.

Chancellor James shares lunch with MCC-Blue River

Metropolitan Community College Chancellor, Mark James, launched the first of several campus tours at MCC-Blue River. The tours are an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to ask questions and chat with Chancellor James.

Chancellor James answered questions about a variety of topics including tuition costs, future revenue generating streams and other pertinent issues. The format was casual, friendly and team-oriented. Officers of the district also attended Blue River’s “Mid-Day with Mark."

Without a set agenda, Chancellor James shared information, updates and results from a recent survey. Chancellor James affirmed his commitment to bring about positive changes in the areas that impact MCC employees and students.

He also encouraged everyone to visit The MCC-Insider to stay-up-to-date on the latest happenings and events throughout the college system.

The chancellor remained after the session to answer questions one-on-one and share a laugh or two with the Blue River team.

"To the Point" kicks off fall with first episode

Paper cuts, no trash in class, copy limits? It's the kick off episode of "To the Point" with special guest, the Queen of France.


MCC-Longview reading specialists complete new reading program training

Congratulations to MCC-Longview Reading Specialists Carol Perkins and Tricia Greene for their successful completion of the Lindamood-Bell Learning Process training in the Seeing Stars curriculum.

Seeing Stars uses symbol imagery to help non- or low-level readers learn sight words and thereby improve their reading skills.

Both Perkins and Greene will now be able to use this method to help those individuals at Longivew as they continue their dedication to teaching reading.

For more information about the program or for individual reading instruction, contact the Learning Center at 816.604.2205.

Nominate outstanding community college alumni - deadline Sept. 3

The American Association of Community College's annual awards season is underway. Each year the organization honors Outstanding Alumni who have excelled in their field and given back to their community.

As the first community college in the country to offer an associate's degree, MCC is definitely poised to present an impressive slate of candidates for this honor. To nominate outstanding alumni for this prestigious distinction, apply online at http://www.aacc.nche.edu/About/Awards/oaa/Pages/default.aspx

Act quickly - the deadline to submit nominees is Friday, Sept. 3, 2010.

Buy a book for a buck and support MCC-Blue River's Phi Theta Kappa chapter

The minute you enter Metropolitan Community College-Blue River’s Campus Center, you’ll notice two smiling faces beside several carts of books. The faces belong to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society president Dawinderpreet Brar and Donald Alexander. Brar and Alexander are actually selling the used books for $1 to ensure “no books go to waste”.

Have you ever wondered what happens to books not re-purchased by the campus Book Store? Well, Blue River’s Phi Theta Kappa has cultivated an intriguing evolution that offers new life to pre-owned textbooks and other reading materials. Here's how it works: books not “bought back” by the Book Store are forwarded to the student organization.

After which, an interesting progression ensues.

Once they receive the books, Phi Theta Kappa sends them to retailer Better World Books, who then forwards them to needy countries around the world. Books that don’t make the Better World Books cut are returned to Phi Theta Kappa for on-campus sales like the one today.

Brar says “many of the books can be used for reference and personal reading." All books remaining from this week’s fundraiser will simply be given away to students for free. If, for some reason, unwanted books still remain, Phi Theta Kappa will send them back to Better World Books for recycling.

Both Brar and Alexander will be in the Campus Center until 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 2. All proceeds will benefit Phi Theta Kappa.

Penn Valley Health Science Institute featured on Fox 4 News!

MCC-Penn Valley's Health Science Institute was featured on Fox 4 News over the weekend. Health Reporter Meryl Lin McKean interviewed Nursing Division Chair Karen Komoroski and 2 students about current workforce demands in today's economy and high enrollments in nursing schools. 

MCC Living Well - September webinars

The following webinars are brought to you as part of the MCC Living Well Program.

The presentations below are both aired live and recorded. If an employees is unable to attend the webinar at the scheduled time, recordings can be viewed later. All series classes are available for one week, and one time presentations are available for two weeks after the original presentation.

All classes are free for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City members. Non-members are allowed to participate in the classes (non-member fees are associated with the series classes). One time presentations are free for everyone. See class description for indication of an additional participant fee for non-members that participate.

NutriWise – Click here to register
Tuesdays, Sept. 7-Oct. 26
12 - 1 p.m CST
Free for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City members
$75.00 for non-Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City members.
An 8-week program to improve health through three key principles: 1) building a foundation of nutrition knowledge; 2)real-life strategies to improve nutrition and physical activity; and 3) motivation through realistic goal setting and tracking progress.

Balanced Budget, Balanced Diet – Click here to register
Tuesday, Sept. 7
4:30-5:30 p.m. CST
Free for everyone.
Learn to prepare healthy delicious meals within a tight budget for your family. Participants will virtually navigate their way around the grocery store to find the healthiest and most economical options.

Know Your Numbers--Click here to register
Monday, Sept. 13
3-4 p.m. CST
Free for everyone.
Blood pressure, cholesterol, lipids, glucose, BMI…the numbers go on and on. But what do they all mean? Participants will learn what their numbers mean and what they can do to improve their numbers, and when these numbers indicate it’s time to see a healthcare professional.

Cancer Prevention: Simply Put– Click Here to Register
Wednesday, Sept. 15
12-1 p.m. CST
Free for everyone.
Learn what you can do to prevent your risks of cancer. In this class, we will discuss the importance of working with your health care team for appropriate screenings and the importance of self-screenings. Also addressed will be the importance of a healthy diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables (especially those high in anti-oxidants,) regular physical activity and how the importance of keeping your life in balance can reduce your risk.

Thinking About Quitting--Click here to register
Friday, Sept. 17
11-12 a.m. CST
Free for everyone.
Participants will learn they have a choice and smoking is a habit that can be broken. The instructor will discuss barriers to quitting, local resources for quitting, and review the latest in tobacco-cessation aids.

Making the Most of Your 10 Minute Break – Click here to register
Monday Sept. 20
3-4 p.m. CST
Free for everyone.
Ten minutes may not seem like a long time, but it can be just enough time to calm your mind and relax your body. Participants learn simple techniques that can be done quickly for greater relaxation and peace of mind.

Brown - new director of resource development

Carolyn Brown, former director of risk management and board relations, is MCC’s new director of resource development. Brown, who has been with MCC since 1986, will take over for Chris Butler, who is moving to a research position with the Institute for Workforce Innovation.

Brown’s former position will not be back-filled; instead, responsibilities for risk management and board relations will be distributed among existing positions. Risk management responsibilities will be shared by the human resources department and Kathy Walter-Mack, new chief of staff. Walter-Mack will also handle legal and contract matters.

Cindy Johnson, program coordinator in the chancellor’s office, was appointed last week as Brown’s replacement as the secretary for MCC’s Board of Trustees.

Brown's official start date in her new position has not yet been determined.

New information on medical insurance rates!

As many of you know through reading information distributed by the governance groups and a past article that ran in MCC Weekly News, medical insurance premiums have increased 18 percent this year.

Information distributed earlier this year forecasted a greater increase to the employee medical insurance premium for those employees with dependant coverage; and a decrease to FSA contributions for those employees electing single coverage. That information has changed.
See the monthly cost increase per plan, listed below. Additionally, more funds have been added to employee only flex spending accounts.

Medical – Change in monthly premium from 2010 to 2011
Employee + Spouse - Monthly increase
BCBS HMO - $34.43
BCBC PPO1 - $40.73
BCBS PPO2 - $13.50
High deductible - $-8.53

Employee + Child - Monthly increase
BCBS HMO - $26.55
BCBC PPO1- $32.27
BCBS PPO2 -$7.59
High deductible - $-12.41

Family - Monthly increase
BCBS HMO - $69.99
BCBC PPO1 - $78.95
BCBS PPO2 - $40.28
High deductible - $8.97

FSA/HSA contributions for employees electing single coverage:
BCBS HMO - $81.60 (2010) $103.68 (2011)
BCBC PPO1 - $64.58 (2010) $83.60 (2011)
BCBS PPO2 - $138.11 (2010) $170.37 (2011)
High deductible - $208.12 (2010) $252.98 (2011)

There will be no rate increase in 2011 for either dental, vision or life insurance.

The rate sheets have been posted on the InfoExchange: Select the 'Human Resources' tab, scroll down to the '2011 Insurance Open Enrollment' heading, click on the appropriate link. This information is also available by contacting your governance association leaders.

Any employee interested in making changes to his/her medical plan can do so during open enrollment, which will begin Tuesday, Oct. 19 and run through Friday, Oct. 29, 2010. More information on open enrollment will be in upcoming postings on The MCC Insider.

Note: There is no change to employee only coverage.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Career opportunity

CO# 10-134 BT Industrial Technology Laboratory Specialist (Internal only)
* posted Aug. 27
* will be removed from the website on Sept. 12 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

Cinderelli Shelli - MCC-Maple Woods Dean of Students scrubs floors!

MCC-Maple Woods Dean of Students Shelli Allen does her part to keep the campus clean and smelling fresh - scrubbing the floors in financial aid and making sure the ladies room smells like Febreeze.
Thanks for going above and beyond!

New faces, familiar places - first week of Fall 2010 @ MCC-Maple Woods!

Students are back at the Woods! Please join us for Welcome Week Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2010 as we welcome new and returning students to MCC-Maple Woods. Free food, free info and lots of fun await!

Board meeting recap

At the Aug. 26 meeting of the MCC Board of Trustees, Carolyn Brown was acknowledged for her dedication as the secretary for the MCC Board of Trustees for the past 15 years, serving through three chancellors. The board appointed Cindy Johnson as the new secretary to the Board of Trustees, effective Aug. 27, 2010.

Any items that need to be added to board meetings should now be sent to Cindy Johnson, program coordinator for the chancellor’s office.

The board meeting schedule, which includes dates agenda items need to be submitted, can be found on the InfoExchange by searching ‘board meeting’ and clicking on the appropriate link. (An updated schedule with changes will be posted soon.)

The board approved acceptance of funds from external sources:

U.S Dept of Ed: Student Support Services: Bridges to Success (PV) -$1,188,115 over 5yrs
Hall Family Foundation: Pathways Project (PV) - $40,000 over 2 years
Ewing Marion Kauffman Found: PLTW (District) -$30,000
Mo. Dept. of Higher Ed: Default Prevention (District) -$25,000
Mo. Dept. of Econ Dev/Mo. Arts Council: Storytelling (MW) - $10,356
Stanley H. Durwood Found: Latino Early Childhood Teachers Project (PV) - $7,000

The next board meeting will be held on Sept. 30 at the Administrative Center.

MCC-Maple Woods partners with Community America Credit Union for budgeting lessons

For its second year of A+ orientation, MCC-Maple Woods partnered with Community America Credit Union to provide more than just basic college info - much of the presentation focused on money matters and how to budget for life after high school.
KMBC's Donna Pitman was on site, finding out how students were using the information to make smart decisions regarding lifestyle choices, loan obligations and even preparations for the unforseen circumstances life can throw in. Among the surprising finds, a couple girls who had everything figured out but no leftover cash at the end of the month, and a guy with a decent sum leftover, but only $5 budgeted for clothes and personal grooming.

MCC-Maple Woods Inservice focuses on getting fit

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy employees: that's MCC-Maple Woods' take on keeping faculty and staff fit and equipped to handle the stress that comes with another exciting semester. With a new line-up of fitness discussions and workshops and a fitness center staff waiting to help out, Chancellor Mark James and MCC-Maple Woods President Merna Saliman encouraged everyone to do a few simple things to get started on healthy habits.

Sheila Jeunger, fitness center director, and her full-time fitness specialists April Anderson, Brian Young and Dalena Bologna hosted several breakout sessions, giving demonstrations on how to shape up and improve flexibility at home and how to help employees and their families eat better. Treat America had two chefs on hand to not only prepare a healthy lunch for inservice attendees, but also to teach employees how to stir-fry healthy meals.

Chancellor James to visit campuses throughout the year

Chancellor Mark James is planning visits with each campus throughout the year as an opportunity to get to know students, staff and faculty.

On Tuesday, Aug. 31, James will be at MCC-Blue River for the "Mid-Day with Mark" lunch. The lunch will be held in the Education Center, room 110 from 12:30-1:30 Blue River employees and students are invited to attend.

Stay tuned to The MCC Insider for other campus visit announcements.

MCC-Blue River ambassadors take on the Odyssey

MCC-Blue River's student ambassadors recently participated in team building exercises on the campus of William Jewell in Liberty, Mo.

For more information about the Blue River student ambassador program call 816.604.6400 or visit http://www.mcckc.edu/.

MCC-Longview welcomes more than 8,000 students to campus for Fall 2010 semester

First day of school

It was a busy week at MCC-Longview as classes started and the Fall 2010 semester got underway.

Although preliminary, MCC-Longview registrar David Fritz says enrollment numbers have jumped another 6 percent growing Longview's student body to more than 8,000 students this semester.

That translates into 64,797 credit hours being taken by students.

The numbers are expected to change slightly as students have time to enroll or drop classes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Public Safety ‘Calls for Service’

Effective Monday, Aug. 30, 2010, campus public safety office main phone lines will be forwarded to the public safety control center during the times the public safety office is vacant.

In the past, the procedure was to have the office line forwarded to the department cell phone. At times, cell phone signal strength not strong enough to receive all calls at the campuses. This new procedure will ensure your calls to public safety will be answered. This change will enhance customer service and provide better communication.

Due to the change, you may be asked for more information regarding your ‘Call for Service’. The control center will be receiving calls from all campuses, so we ask you to please provide the Officer on the call with the following information:

· Your name
· Phone number you are calling from (when requested)
· Location you are calling from (campus, building, parking lot, etc.)
· Nature of call
· Call-back number

If you have any questions, contact Domenick Brouillette at 816.604.1370.

Fall 2010 produces bumper crop of students at MCC-Business & Technology

Above: Program Coordinator Jess Harding explains to his class how to calculate air-flow and the geometry they must master to be successful in the HVAC program at MCC-Business & Technology Campus.

To see more pictures of the first day of class at MCC-BTC click here.

Enrollment is up over 15 percent at MCC-BTC for fall 2010 semester. "We are on the verge of crossing the milestone of 1,000 students at BTC this semester," said associate dean of students, Karen Moore.

With additional enrollment expected for the second set of eight week classes, the current enrollment of 968 students could easily rise to quadruple figures.

New outreach coordinator at MCC-BTC

Alex Grigsby is the new Outreach Coordinator at MCC-Business & Technology campus. He will work with other MCC admissions coordinators to recruit new students and promote the college.
Grigsby has worked as a lab tech and marketing/outreach assistant at BTC for the past year. He holds a degree from MU in multimedia journalism and has been a professional photographer for several years.

Geology field study leads to donation at art auction

When one hears about the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City’s “Art Unleashed” fund raiser, the odds they think of geology or a map of Illinois, are slim to none. But that’s about to change.

A patron and purchaser of art at previous Art Unleashed events, MCC-Blue River’s Sean Kitchell decided to bring a little piece of the Blue River Geology field study to the “Woo-ti-Doo” event.

“On the last Geology Field Study (May 2010), we were just getting into Yellowstone National Park, and what did we see? That’s right, buffalo.” Kitchell corrected himself, “I’m sorry, bison.”

“The standing rule on the Geology Field Study is that the van stops once for each new animal observed. When you get into Yellowstone, bison is usually the first stop.”

“We came around a turn and there was a huge bull just standing there, about ten feet from the road.” Kitchell explained. “We had already stopped for bison, so I just pointed [the camera]and shot.” Little did he know that his hip shot would be worthy of an art auction.

Every year, the Humane Society hosts the fund raiser, auctioning off donated art from area artists. Since the proceeds benefit animals, the art work must be animal themed.

“When we got back to camp, I looked at my pictures and there was this gloriously framed hip shot of a bison,” continued Kitchell.

A hip shot? Try a rump shot. Kitchell had managed to capture a wonderful composition of the bull standing in the wonder that is Yellowstone, with its head and shoulders just out of frame.

“I instantly thought sofa painting.” claimed Kitchell. “It was amazing to me how the picture just worked. And when I found a 32x26 wooden frame in the neighbor’s trash, I knew what I had to do.”

He submitted the framed photo of the bison rump to the Art Unleashed benefit, and they accepted it. Kitchell had to name the art piece.

Hmm, what does one name a picture of bison rump? Who would know better than Blue River NUS coordinator Jeff Eubank. Kitchell explains, “I asked Jeff to come in and tell me the first thing that came to his mind. I brought up the picture and….”

And after a short bout of laughter Eubank blurted out “Map of Illinois.”

“Map of Illinois” will be up for auction Friday, Aug. 27, 2010 at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City’s Art Unleashed. If you would like to attend, view the art work, or get more information visit http://www.hsgkc.org/artunleashed.html. Kitchell’s picture is lot #470.
By the way, it would look great over your sofa!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MCC-Longview's award-winning Writing Across the Curriculum program turns 25

Lake Effect
To celebrate 25 years at MCC-Longview, the Writing Across the Curriculum Program launched a blog highlighting the success and future plans of the program.

MCC-Longview’s award-winning Writing Across the Curriculum Program is turning 25.

To honor a quarter of a century of service, WAC faculty and staff organized a year-long celebration to commemorate and celebrate the program that has been used in just about every class at Longview. The WAC program was a major reason MCC-Longview was named College of the Year by Time magazine in 2001.

“The secret to this program’s success is really no secret at all: the hard work and dedication of teachers who create powerful learning experiences through which students develop as thinkers and writers,” wrote WAC coordinator Mary McMullen-Light to faculty and staff at Longview this past week.

This week, the WAC Program also launched the new Lake Effect Blog, highlighting events surrounding the 25th anniversary celebration at MCC-Longview.

But McMullen-Light knows that looking back on past success is sometimes just as important as looking forward.

“One hallmark of our program is how it has always operated with an eye to the future by promoting and supporting innovative teaching and learning. That’s why the theme for our 25th anniversary celebration is ‘Back to the Future’.”

Throughout the year, The Lake Effect blog and The MCC Insider will spotlight some of the original WAC pioneers who helped launch the program along with current instructors who are pushing the WAC envelope by designing novel ways for their students to learn through writing.

Save the dates and watch for more detailed information as each event approaches.

Book Discussion
Join in the Read-Along by reading all or part of Clay Shirky’s book, Here Comes Everybody, and discussing it online via the blog or face-to-face on these dates at MCC-Longview:
- Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2-3 p.m.
- Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2-3 p.m.
- Friday, Nov. 12, 2-3 p.m.

Join the WAC program
Attend the Introductory WAC Workshop this fall (3 sessions on consecutive Friday afternoons)
Friday, Sept 24, 1-4:30 p.m.
Friday, Oct. 1, 1-4:30 p.m.
Friday, Oct. 8, 1-4:30 p.m.

Visit with students
Visit the annual Imagination Longview event featuring student projects created through the WAC program.
Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

The Lake Effect Blog: http://wacblog2010.blogspot.com/

Administrative Center employees volunteer across the district

Volunteers from the Administrative Center spent part of Tuesday and Wednesday helping out on each campus.

Kristy Edmondson volunteers every semester. “I LOVE helping students,” said Edmondson. “ I always pick Longview because it is a campus I don’t get out to very often.”

Many of the volunteers from the Administrative Center shared similar thoughts about their experiences on the campuses. Most recognized that volunteering this time of year makes us [Administrative Center employees] realize that we really do work for the students.

Thank you to the following volunteers:
Carol Winters
Dianne Carpenter
Dominique Mitchell
Fran Padow
Gail Barham
Harri Stevens
Kathy Hale
Kristy Edmondson
Lauren Cornell
Lori Palmer
Mary Taylor
Melissa Marr
Michelle Schmiedeler
Pat Lees
Rodger LaBeth
Sandy Sexton
Stacey Allen
Teresa Loney
Tristan Londre

Candy, advice help MCC-Penn Valley students on first day of classes

The first day of classes can be exciting and hectic for students. And what if you have a quick question? Where do you turn? Who do you call on?

MCC-Penn Valley students didn't have to look far -welcome tables were stationed throughout the campus. Students and staff sat at the tables which were positioned in several high traffic areas across campus. Tables, which included candy and a welcome sign, were a relief to students who needed directions, quick answers and a voice of assurance.

Students IDs now in MCC-Penn Valley bookstore

The hustle and bustle of the first week of classes was made easier this week at MCC-Penn Valley. Students were able to get their IDs taken in the bookstore.

The bookstore and campus life and leadership are located on separate floors, but they joined forces to make student processes as simple as possible and provide seamless service to students.

What a novel approach to providing teamwork and customer service!

Subway now serving at MCC-Penn Valley!

Students and employees around the MCC-Penn Valley campus can now enjoy a new food service vendor. Subway has contracted with Treat America to serve its full-scale menu in the Penn Valley cafeteria. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Just like at its restaurant, food is served fresh and made to order. Breakfast and coffee are served all day. Sandwiches are served on fresh bread that can be toasted. Subway also offers pizza and soup.

Check out the menu for the mouth watering assortment of foods.

Career opportunity

CO# 10-130 BT Learning Specialist
* posted Aug. 24
* will be removed from the website on Sept. 6, 2010
* For more information or to apply:

Chancellor's Cabinet meeting recap

The Chancellor’s Cabinet, which is made up of representatives from MCC’s officers and governance groups, met on Aug. 24.

Several members of the cabinet attended the Governor’s Summit on Higher Education. A short discussion was held by members who attended the summit. Many commented about the state budget projections for the next few years. The Missouri budget will be $400 to $500 million short next fiscal year and the potential for cuts across state government, including higher education, will be substantial.

Chancellor Mark James remarked that even if the economy miraculously recovered overnight; state funding would be limited based on the Hancock Amendment. The amendment puts a cap on a levy increase beyond the level that it was prior to the recession, unless approved by the voters.

MCC-Business & Technology President Debbie Goodall commented on the administrative efficiency items Governor Nixon charged to Missouri educators. A discussion of collaboration among Missouri colleges focused on two main items: developmental math and common course numbering.

The group of attendees agreed the most inspirational take away from the summit was speaker Dewayne Matthews; vice president for strategy at the Lumina Foundation (begins at 1:24:17 of the video). Craig Bartholomaus commented that Matthews’s presentation reminded educators the importance of why we do what we do.

Other items of interest from the meeting:
*The MCC Board of Trustees will meet on Aug. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Administrative Center
*Tuesday Stanley reported enrollment is up 6% from last fall (unduplicated head count)
*MCC has over 20,000 students enrolled
*The percentage of student loan amount has decreased (per person) from 26 percent last fall to 24 percent this semester.

To see all the speakers of the Governor’s Summit on Higher Education visit: mms://wmvstream.dese.mo.gov\governoreducationsummit

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

September info sessions booked for Electric Utility Line Tech program

Utility companies across the U.S. will hire thousands of new line technicians during the next few years. You can prepare for these excellent jobs by enrolling in a 12-month certificate program offered at MCC–Business & Technology Campus.

Information sessions for the Electric Utility Line Technician training program are scheduled on Thursday, Sept. 16, and Tuesday, Sept. 28, from 6 to 8 p.m. at BTC. Susan Blaser, program coordinator, and staff will be on hand to answer questions about the program, the application process, pre-admission assessments and financial aid opportunities. Please sign up online at mcckc.edu/visitbtc or call (816) 604-5200 to reserve a seat. Walk-ins are also welcome.

MCC-BTC is located at 1775 Universal Avenue, Kansas City, Mo., northwest of Front Street and I-435. If you have questions or need directions, call 816.604.5200. Classes will begin June 2011. For more information about the Utility Line Technician training program, see mcckc.edu/linetech.

Message from the Chancellor

Dear Colleagues,

These are extraordinary times in Jefferson City in terms of the discussions and pending decisions impacting higher education in Missouri. The Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) has provided a strong and reasoned voice in providing critical input regarding legislative decisions that directly impact higher education in Missouri.

The presidents and chancellors of Missouri’s community colleges have united as one voice through MCCA aggressively promoting our sector of higher education. MCCA has hired Zora Mulligan as its new Executive Director. Zora is a well-known and well-respected former senior policy advisor to the Commissioner of Higher Education. MCCA has never played a more important role in promoting our interests and defining our future. So what has this got to do with you?

As a professional association, memberships are the life blood of MCCA and membership numbers have declined. I have heard some MCC employees have dropped because there is a perception that they are not supported in going to the annual conference or serving on MCCA committees. I will work with the Officer Group and shared governance leaders to maximize such opportunities to the extent our budget will allow.

MCCA membership is a personal choice and the cost is $30 per year. My intent is to inform -- not twist arms. Please visit MCCA’s website at http://www.mccatoday.com/, or contact your membership representative as follows: AC/BP/FS – Darlene Burkhart; BTC – Sherry Skinner; BR – Kathleen Henrikson; LV – Margaret Berter; MW – Kim Sides-Steiger; and PV/PI/HSI – Brian Chasteen.

Best regards,

MCC-Longview faculty offer their advice for Day One in a new semester

The first day of school can be intimidating for both student and instructor. So, faculty at MCC-Longview along with the First Learning Year Team (FLYT) created a short video on how they handle the first day of classes like pros and offer their own advice on how they connect with students for the first time ensuring success all semester.

Good Luck, MCC, on another successful semester.

Where fun and speed meet at MCC-Blue River's Food Services

Michael Watkins’ heart is just about as big as his warm, inviting smile.

With over twenty-two years experience in food services, Watkins brings an approachable charm and commitment to the MCC-Blue River community! An employee of Treat America Food Services, he has been on-campus since late July preparing, planning and getting everything in order for today’s crowd of hungry students and faculty.

In his new role at Blue River, Watkins looks forward to cultivating an enjoyable, yet efficient food services atmosphere for his team of five student workers and one regular staffer, Rocky Bond.

Watkins most enjoys the one-on-one time with customers and likes to operate on an informal “first name” basis. What can you expect from his team? Simply put: a fast, fun, friendly food services environment. “If you don’t make work fun, it becomes a four letter word”, Watkins says with a chuckle. “The four letter word is W-O-R-K”.

Watkins lives in Eastern Jackson County with his wife, Teresa, and their five children.

Favorite TV show: Chef Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen”

The one superpower he would love to have: “The power to heal. You know, I guess I (and we) already have it. You can make someone feel better in five minutes with a kind word."

Favorite afternoon snack: Skittles.

What really “bugs” him: When people disrespect others. “Everyone wants respect, but everyone doesn’t give it”

On-Campus Contact Info:

Phone: 816.604.6634

Monday, August 23, 2010

MCC advisor wants to be a big loser

MCC-Blue River advisor, Jenny Steen, has been selected as a finalist to compete in Kansas City Fitness Magazines Weight Loss Challenge – but she needs your help!

The weight loss challenge, which is similar to the television show "The Biggest Loser" has begun round 4 of the competition. Steen is one of 41 individuals vying to be one of 12 finalists to compete in round four. The final 12 contestants are chosen by how many 'like' votes are received on the Kansas City Fitness Magazine’s facebook page.

“I am trying to gain control of a fight that I have had ever since college. I will fight and I am ready to take control of my future,” said Steen about participating in the challenge.

To vote for Steen, log into your facebook account and 'like' Kansas City Fitness Magazine. Then click on the round four link posted on that page. Click on Steen’s picture, which is in the fourth row, fourth column and “like” it.

Voting closes Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 5 p.m. Don't forget, you must 'like' Kansas City Fitness Magazine in order to 'like' a photo.

MCC-Maple Woods offers assistance through rental program, emergency fund

As students make a final scramble to enroll, go through financial aid, pay for classes and get ready to begin a new semester, one of the last financial obstacles to overcome is the textbook purchases.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, students spend, on average $900 on textbooks per year - about half the cost of a full-time semester at a community college. As students become more and more stretched financially, MCC-Maple Woods, along with other campuses, are stepping up to fill the gaps for the most strapped students.

The MCC-Maple Woods Emergency Book Fund is just that - providing a small amount of financial assistance to the students who need it most. But the fund depends on donations from employees to keep helping students. If you would like to donate to the fund, or are interested in holding a fundraiser to benefit the fund, please contact deb.cougill@mcckc.edu.

Along with keeping the Emergency Book Fund up and running, Cougill also has created an informal lending library, in which students donate used textbooks for other students to use free of charge. Faculty members also donate "teacher copies" of textbooks to the library for student use. The lending library has been very well-received by students, and in addition to returning the books they borrowed at the end of the semester, they often add more books to the stack, increasing the selection and opportunities for other students.

MCC-Maple Woods also participates in MCC's book rental program (see page 17 of this link). Students can rent textbooks for certain courses through the bookstores for much less than the purchase price. The books are categorized into three levels, but the highest students will be required to pay for a rental textbook is $65.

MCC-Maple Woods' Green Leaf Cafe gets a new look for fall

Students, faculty and staff returning to campus for the fall semester may notice something different about the Green Leaf Cafe when they come in for breakfast or lunch on Tuesday: the cafe has a bright, shiny new coat of paint, thanks to interim campus life and leadership coordinator Misty Chandler and the Student Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors undertook the project last week, giving the walls a fresh coat of pain and sprucing up the interior for a fresh, new semester. Thanks for all your hard work!

Friday, August 20, 2010

MCC-Longview welcomes new faculty


It was cause for celebration and anticipation of the new school year as MCC-Longview welcomed six new faculty members to campus on Friday for a luncheon with senior faculty and administration.

Dr. Fred Grogan welcomed each of the new faculty members at the luncheon that also paired the new instructors with veteran instructors that will help guide them through the orientation process, which is part of Longview's First Learning Year Team program.

We got the chance to catch up with two of our new faculty members briefly:

Kris Stroup - New faculty 2010

: Kris Stroup
Teaching: Speech and Debate
Formerly: Instructor at Truman State University
Bio:Kris is a long-time debater who debated in college for Truman State University. He then took a teaching position there and taught debate for five years.

"I am really looking forward to working with such a different student body and look forward to helping really grow this program."

Nicole Pflum - New Faculty 2010
Name: Nicole Pflum
Teaching: Engineering
Formerly: Cerner
Bio: Nicole brings a rich background with a mix of real-world experience and teaching. Before coming to Longview, Nicole worked with Cerner, Sprint and was a teacher in the Raymore-Peculiar school district.

Nicole is also a former student at Longview where she took engineering before transferring to University of Missouri-Rolla.

"I am really looking forward to being able to have the same kind influence on students that my teachers here had on me."

Along with Stroup and Pflum, four other new faculty members will begin classes next week.

Governor’s Summit on Higher Education - A message from Tom Vansaghi

Higher education leaders from across Missouri were in Jefferson City on Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010, for the first governor’s summit on higher education. Gov. Jay Nixon (D) welcomed a crowd of several hundred presidents, chancellors, administrators, board members and faculty by underscoring the importance of higher education.

Presentations focused on the fact that the Missouri budget will be $400 to $500 million short next fiscal year (FY2012) and that the potential for cuts across state government-including higher education-will be substantial. Nixon acknowledged that tuition increases may be necessary beginning in the fall of 2012.

He expressed his appreciation to the higher education community for not raising tuition over the past two years—something no other state in the nation has managed to do. Other presentations focused on techniques and programs to transform teaching and learning in higher education and increasing the percentage of Americans who will earn college degrees by 2025 from 39 to 60 percent.

Nixon outlined four key areas he is charging higher education to focus on: attainment; academic program review; cooperation and collaboration; and funding. The expectation is that every college and university in the state will report their monthly progress on these four areas to the Department of Higher Education and they will report all findings back to Nixon.

  • Attainment involves holding institutions accountable for aligning K-12 curriculum with higher education, enrolling more students in higher education classes and programs and insuring that more students graduate with a two or four year degree.
  • Academic program review will hold colleges and universities accountable for offering academic programs that increase graduates in fields where there are jobs available. The Department of Higher Education will work closely with academic institutions to conduct a systematic review of all degree programs to insure this is occurring. Increased cooperation and collaboration is about creating more administrative and academic efficiencies.
  • Administrative efficiency addresses each institution's ability to find more efficient and less expensive ways to operate, while academic will involve a detailed inventory of cooperation and collaboration around academic programs to determine whether they are meeting the goals that were intended for them. Additional collaboration and cooperation could occur through sharing faculty, libraries, equipment and expansion of dual credit.
  • Funding includes asking institutions to develop multi-year, sustainable funding models that strike a balance between public funding, tuition and cost reductions.
“This is the time for bold thinking and bold action," Nixon said in his concluding remarks. "Tonight, I am giving you a bold new charge.”
Click here to see all speeches from last week's Governor’s Summit on Higher Education.

Celebrating 30 years of creating opportunities through language education

Surrounded by her family, Sylvia Roque smiled as she was presented with a certificate honoring her as the 50,000th student to complete the English as a Second Language program at the Don Bosco Centers.

Don Bosco recognized Roque at a reception last week that was part of a larger celebration of the organization’s 70th anniversary. For 30 of those years, Metropolitan Community College has collaborated with Don Bosco to deliver an ESL program on the city’s northeast side. It has become the metro’s largest and most successful program of its kind.

“We’re proud of the MCC instructors who have been so committed to teaching our community’s English language learners,” said MCC Chancellor Mark James, as he addressed the reception audience. “Language is the basis for a meaningful life; it’s what allows us to be successful with employment, relationships and other aspects of our lives. I am inspired by the difference that the ESL program has made and the opportunities it has created in our community.”

In addition to its ESL center, the Don Bosco Centers operates five other interrelated community centers where they deliver a wide variety of programs and services with a goal of empowering the people of Kansas City’s Northeast community. MCC-Penn Valley, which offers a wide variety of programs for English language learners, has been a collaborative partner for three decades.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MCC-Business & Technology welding technology coordinator earns PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Tim Gill who has completed his Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction, majoring in Practical Arts and Vocational Technical Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Gill's dissertation, titled “Teacher Induction Programs and Their Effectiveness on the Retention of Secondary Trade and Industrial Teachers in Missouri,” certainly connects with programming at MCC-Business & Technology.

Gill coordinates the welding program at BTC and has been the architect behind its new American Welding Society-based curriculum. In addition to his Ph.D, Tim also holds AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and Certified Welding Educator (CWE) certifications.

To the Point - MCC-Blue River's weekly show

The latest episode of MCC-Blue River's To the Point is here!

MCC replaces lighting - saves energy

Metropolitan Community College (MCC) has been around the block a few times, and so have some of the infrastructures of the older buildings. With five campuses across the metro area, MCC has made significant changes to the way it operates – taking on the challenge to become greener and more energy efficient.

Beginning in May, MCC began a project to retro-fit the vast majority of the internal and external campus lighting, most with motion sensors.

Working with Facility Solutions Group (FSG) and in-house construction crews, MCC will replace the lights and ballasts in more than 24,000 fixtures by the time the project is complete. In other areas new fixtures and lighting controls are being added.

Jim Frank, FSG division manager, explains that there have been advances in the lighting industry the last few years and MCC is receiving the latest in technological advancements. With the new systems in place, the benefits gained include:
· Better lighting
· Instant on
· Energy savings
· Recycling of old parts

“There are several other tangible benefits from the lighting change,” said Darrel Meyer, director of MCC facility services.

The new lighting will generate less heat in the buildings, which will save money on cooling costs. The bulbs come with a 3 year warranty; ballasts have a 3-5 year warranty. The bulbs produce more even lighting throughout each room. “Because the bulbs and ballasts are new, MCC saves money on the replacement bulbs and labor,” said Meyer.

The campuses are in several different phases of the project. Once complete, there is an expected $250,000 projected annual savings in electrical costs that will pay back the cost of the project over a six year period.

Visit the MCC Green Initiative Task Force facebook page.

Calling all artists: The MCC-Longview Alumni Association wants you!


The MCC-Longview Alumni Association is looking for talented faculty, staff and alumni to participate in the Second Annual Arts Extravaganza.

Officials with the MCC-Longview Alumni Association are asking for anyone with flair for the creative to participate in this annual event that offers staff, faculty and alumni from all campuses the opportunity to show off their work and help raise money for the MCC Scholarship Fund.

From 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Oct. 23 at MCC-Longview Education Center, artists will compete in seven different categories of art including such painting, sculpting, photography, ceramics, drawing, mixed media and new media.

"This is such a great opportunity for the community to support our alumni and give a boost to our scholarship fund that ultimately helps that students," organizer Joyce Johnson said.

Along with selling the art to raise money there will be a competition among the artists for most outstanding pieces as selected by the alumni association.

For more information or to learn how to participate in the Second Annual Alumni Art Extravaganza, contact Joyce Johnson at joycezgmbc@att.net or Norma Bark at 816.604.2494.

If you know of any alumni, pass on the word and help support a great cause.

MCC welcomes new full time faculty

New Faculty Orientation

Chancellor Mark James welcomed 20 new MCC faculty this morning.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue River ‘s first A+ orientation hits home

MCC-Blue River recently hosted its first A+ orientation with seventy-seven students participating. Designed as a credit class, the A+ students spent four days on campus getting an in-depth look at the college experience as well as a look at themselves.

“We really pushed them to look at themselves and what they want to do in life,” said registrar Karen Goos. “We tried to emphasize strategies for making it through college and pursing the career they want. We told them about other students who changed their path completely because of one class they did not like. We saw the students wondering if that was a good idea, basing their future on just one class.”

During the first class session, the students were asked what their future plans were. “We asked them to write the phrase I will, followed by one or two goals on a poster board,” said Jenny Steen, academic advisor. “We then photographed the students putting the goals together and showed the filmed segments to the students at the end of the week.”

It evidently had an impact. While some thought it was silly at first, many of the students realized the profound effect the exercise had. The message, of looking at yourself and decide what you will do with your future, really hit home. “It was the quietest they had been all week.” said Jenny.

Check out the A+ Orientation “I Will” Video.

The A+ program is a state wide initiative developed to encourage high school students to get good grades in return for free tuition at any Missouri community college or technical school. With such a large turnout for the first orientation, Steen is hopeful for the future. “This is just the beginning,” she said. ”We will definite be back next year, bigger and better.”

For more information, visit www.mcckc.edu/blueriver.

No trash in class!

As MCC-Blue River strives to become a green campus, we are moving the trash out of class!
Check out the No Trash in Class Video for more information.

Become "A Slimmer You" - MCC Wellness Program

Are you stuck in a wellness rut? Would you like to try a program that focuses on healthy eating, weight management and physical activity? Are you interested in becoming A Slimmer You?

A Healthier You™ at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) now offers Metropolitan Community College employees the opportunity to participate in a program called A Slimmer You.

What is A Slimmer You?

It is a 10-week, online program requiring approximately one-hour, per week of your time. Key features of the program include:

*Helping you develop a lifestyle of eating the foods you enjoy, while improving your health and losing weight.

*Addressing habits around eating, hunger and hydration that support weight loss or maintenance.

*Decreasing your risk for Metabolic Syndrome by addressing key risk factors – hypertension, high cholesterol and elevated blood sugar.

*Providing a holistic approach that covers, stress management, health education, exercise and fitness, and psychological and emotional fulfillment.

Who can participate?

In order to be eligible, you must be enrolled in Blue KC insurance through Metropolitan Community College. If you are interested in participating, please submit an application through www.hlcsignup.com/MCC.

Applications will be accepted from Monday, Aug. 9 through Friday, Aug. 20. Participants will be chosen based on health conditions and willingness to participate in program requirements. If you apply to participate, but change your mind, please reply and let us know before the applications closes on Friday, Aug. 20.

How much does it cost?

The program is provided at no cost (a $500 value), for accepted participants. However, if you do not complete the program as defined below (Participation Basics), we ask that you defray the costs of your participation. Therefore, if all program requirements are not met, participants will be assessed a charge of $100, deducted through payroll. By agreeing to participate, you also agree that you understand and accept this penalty.

What You Are Committing to: Participation Basics
*If you would like to participate, you must complete an application on the Internet by visiting www.hlcsignup.com/MCC by Friday, Aug. 20.
*Employees who have been selected to participate will be notified via e-mail by Wednesday, Aug. 25.
*Pre-program, fasting biometric screenings are required for program completion. If you are accepted into the program you must attend one of the annual health fair screenings being held at the MCC campuses.
*The online program will begin on Monday, Oct. 4. In order to complete program requirements you must participate in eight of 10 classes. It is best to weigh, when possible, on the same scale each time. Please ensure you have access to a scale, as you will be asked to log your weight at the beginning of every class.
*Following program completion, you must participate in a post-program, fasting biometric screening the week of Dec. 13. More information will be provided if you are accepted into the program.

NOTE: Metropolitan Community College will not have access to your personal health information. All of your health information will be submitted directly to the administrator of the program.

If you have questions about this program, please contact Jenny Edwards at jenny.edwards@mcckc.edu or 816.604.1151, option 1.

Only 97 slots still available in MCC’s employee Health Risk Assessment

MCC is giving an incentive for benefit-eligible employees to participate in an annual wellness screening and complete the on-line Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

Any benefit eligible employee and those early and regular retirees that are currently enrolled in the medical plan that participate in both the wellness screening and HRA will receive a $50 VISA gift card. Completion of the wellness screening and HRA prior to Sept. 30, 2010 is required to be eligible for the incentive.

Click here for more information about the screenings and what to expect.

Sign up here.

Video: MCC-Longview art instructor takes us inside the mural project at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

The newest downtown Kansas City landmark for the performing arts is getting a little help from MCC-Longview art instructor Daniel Reneau and a team of artists from the Kansas City Art institute.

Reneau, along with 16 students, is painting a three-story mural inside the 1,800-seat Murial Kauffman auditorium.

The Kauffman Center for the performing arts is scheduled to be open in Sept 2011.

For more photos from the tour, be sure to check out MCC-Longview's full Flickr Gallery.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grant training workshop held at MCC-Penn Valley

More than 200 participants attended the Kansas City Grant Training Workshop sponsored by Senator Claire McCaskill’s office At MCC-Penn Valley on Aug. 6. The day-long workshop targeted area non-profits.

Speakers included representatives from the U.S. Dept. of Education; the U.S. Administration of Children and Families; the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; the Office of Minority Health; and the Office of Justice Programs.

Monday, August 16, 2010

MCC Makes Virtual Corn Dog at Missouri State Fair

"Don't worry, her eyes will heal quickly. She's young!," said Hassan Zarabi when he was questioned about the safety of taking a 3D laser-scan of a young fairgoer's face.

Metropolitan Community College employees Dan Ascheman, Hassan Zarabi and Alex Grigsby visited the Missouri State Fair on Saturday, Aug. 14 for Science Fair in the Street. Colleges from across the state packed into a large tent over the weekend to show off some of the latest science and engineering technology.

"Sure there are more practical uses, but it seems appropriate to scan a corn dog. We are at the state fair!" said Hassan.

The 3D scanner is part of the Engineering Technology programs at MCC-Business & Technology Campus. The scanner is used as a tool to teach reverse engineering. For more information about Engineering Technology click here.

Science Fair in the Street was organized by MCCA and SCOPE - Science and Citizens Organized for Purpose and Exploration.

Former MCC-Maple Woods employee takes flight at local volunteer organization

After volunteering with the program for more than five years, Dana Buchanan has been hired as the new flight coordinator for Angel Flight. Her last day as administrative assistant at MCC-Maple Woods was Friday.

Angel Flight is a national program that provides free flights to those who need medical care outside of their local area. Pilots volunteer time and aircraft to fly patients, mostly within the Heartland region, to other treatment centers for everything from surgery to chemotherapy to dialysis. The flights are free for the patients and medical providers.

Buchanan will be serving as the flight coordinator for the local chapter of Angel Flight. She will focus on matching up patients with pilots from the region to get them to their respective treatments and back home.

New career opportunities

CO# 10-128 PV Health Science Acceleration Academy Program Coordinator
* posted Aug. 13
* will be removed from the website on Aug. 29 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 10-129 AC Module Leader (Internal applicants only)
* posted Aug. 13
* will be removed from the website on Aug. 29 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

Laker's Volleyball team to take on alumni this Friday.

Laker's Volleyball

The MCC-Longview Laker's Volleyball team will be taking on a familiar foe this Friday: Former Players.

Join Lakers past and present for the MCC-Longview Laker Alumni Challenge. Current players will square off against former players and alumni in a scrimmage that should be full of fireworks.

"It's a yearly event focused on keeping in-touch with our past volleyball players and also allows us a challenging pre-season scrimmage," said assistant coach Marnie Winters. "Plus, keeping our alumni involved really helps keeps this program alive."

The Alumni Challenge is set to begin at 6 p.m. on Friday at the MCC-Longview Recreation Center. The entire bout will include three sets and will give fans a chance to see the 2010 Lakers Volleyball team in action.

For more information, call 816.604.2400.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Enhance your life, learn something new!

Looking for a new and exciting way to expand your knowledge base? MCC-Blue River’s Community Education modules are the just the solution!

Carol Brown, Blue River’s community education specialist, is thrilled to announce a host of new classes for the upcoming fall semester:

  • How to Surf the Internet
  • Art of Buying/Selling Your Home in Today’s Economy
  • Yoga/Laughter Yoga
  • Zumba, Zumba Gold
  • ZumbAtomic (for kids)
  • Personal Training 101
  • Stop Dying Today - Learn to stay young for 100 years
  • Black Regiments of the Civil War

Visit Blue River’s Community Education website for full course descriptions, fees and registration information. Contact Carol Brown at 816.604.6518 or email at carol.brown@mcckc.edu for more information.

Career opportunities

CO# 10-126 BR Learning Specialist - FPT
* posted Aug. 13
* will be removed from the website on Aug. 29 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 10-127 AC Blackboard System Manager
* posted Aug. 13
* will be removed from the website on Aug. 29 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

MCC-Longview Cultural Art Center gallery opening the 2010 Fall Arts Series

The MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center gallery is opening its 2010 Fall Art Series with an exciting new exhibit by Martha MacLeish.

Opening on Aug. 25, MacLeish’s exhibit, entitled Recent Work, will offer a glimpse into her ability to create art that seamlessly floats between two and three dimensions.

“Her work, which includes painting, sculpture, architecture and raw materials, discovers its strength in its ability to create multiple tensions. There is a lyrical and metaphorical beauty found in the work but also an incredible feeling of actuality or relativity. The art oscillates effortlessly between the completely recognizable and the experiential gesture,” MCC-Longview gallery curator Dan Reneau said.

MacLeish is head of the Fundamentals Studio at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University, in Bloomington. She received her BFA and BA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and her MFA in Painting from the Yale School of Art.

MacLeish has had solo exhibitions in New York, Chicago and throughout the states. Recently MacLeish has been an artist in residence at the Ragdale Foundation in Lake Park, Ill., the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences in Rabun Gap, Georgia and at the Toos Neger Foundation in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

The exhibition opens Aug. 25 and runs through Oct. 2.

Recent Work by Martha MacLeish
The gallery hours: 12-4 p.m.
Wednesday – Saturday
MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center
You are also invited to a reception and artist’s lecture at from 5-8 p.m. on Sept. 3. The lecture will begin at 6 p.m.

The 2010 Fall Art Series
Martha MacleishRecent Works: A solo exhibition – Aug. 25-Oct. 2
Kathy DisneyPhotography of Haiti – Oct. 20-Nov. 20
MCC-Longview Student Exhibit – Nov. 29-Dec. 8

For more information contact: Daniel Reneau at daniel.reneau@mcckc.edu or call 816-604-2200.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

MCC-BTC attends RapidTech workshop to learn about Advanced Manufacturing

Kansas City and the surrounding community are home to hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of manufacturing jobs. MCC-Business & Technology is committed to preparing its students for the manufacturing jobs of the future.

Whereas manufacturing 50 years ago required massive amounts of unskilled manual laborers, manufacturing of the present and future require skilled technicians who understand the process, software and hardware involved in stereolithography, selective laser sintering, laser scanning, and 3D printing to name a few.

Last week, in beautiful Irvine, Calif. (while the rest of us sweltered in the summer heat), Tom Wheeler, Penny Tepesch, David Hawkins, Jen Dec, Chris Page and Steve Dowell attended the 2010 RapidTech workshop at Saddleback Community College to learn about the latest manufacturing technologies.

RapidTech is an educational entity designed to offer learning opportunities for students to learn and use these advanced manufacturing technologies. The key to RapidTech’s success is its continual collaboration on projects with national businesses in the aerospace, medical device, automotive, consumer products and art animation industries.

MCC's goal is to also be an expert resource, partner, consultant and learning facility to students, businesses, and educational institutions. The trip to Rapidtech's workshop was aimed at attendees learning how RapidTech has partnered and affiliated themselves with over 80 other institutions to achieve these goals.

“Our group worked alongside approximately 50 other attendees learning how many of these technologies in our own school can be utilized to better achieve our goals here at the BTC,” said manufacturing instructor Steve Dowell. “From 8 a.m. until approximately 5:30 p.m., the agenda was packed with instructor workshops, dealer demos, and very informative presentations from other colleges from around the country. Our goal now is to take what was presented to us at the workshop and apply these processes to better utilize the BTC's labs, classrooms, and instructors.”

MCC-BTC continues to build its 3D prototyping lab. We now have the ability to concept a product or part, create the design using 3D software, print the prototype design on 3D printers and finally create the part in our manufacturing lab.

According to Tom Wheeler, dean of instruction, “the next step is to continue reaching out to local manufacturers to create a consortium that fosters learning, collaboration and provides value to our students, these manufacturers and our community.”

“We are a community college," said Wheeler. "We are here to serve the community and prepare the workforce our industry partners need. The better we understand the current and and developing technologies, the better we are able to meet that mission. community the better we are able to deliver.”

For more information or to schedule a tour of BTC’s 3D prototyping lab, contact William Allyn at 816.604.5647 or Chris Page at 816.604.5438

For more information about the RapidTech workshop click here.

To view pictures from the RapidTech workshop click here.