Friday, July 29, 2011

Board of Leisure Issues License to Chill - MCC-BTC's Kenny Shelton Retires

After 22 years and 7 months of service at Pioneer, Penn Valley, and Business & Technology campus, Kenny Shelton is hanging up his tool belt.  "Over the years Kenny has always had the same motto," said Facilites Manager, Tom Hulett.  "'At least once a day Kenny says, 'I'm here for the students.'"

Kenny trades work boots for Party Shoes!  The Board of Leisure has issued Kenny Shelton an official License to Chill in the State of Euphoria.

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Former English faculty celebrated 75th anniversary of commitment

In January 1936, Lillian Harrington stood before the altar and took her vows to become Sister Lillian. At just 16, she moved straight to Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kan., two years prior to her commitment.

In February 2011, Sister Lillian celebrated the 75th anniversary of commitment with her friend Sister Rosaria Schaefer.

Sister Lillian taught English, speech and drama in elementary and high schools before becoming long-time English faculty at the then named Penn Valley Community College.

Congratulations to Sister Lillian on her milestone accomplishment!

What's your purpose? A spotlight on Maureen Kennedy

Maureen Kennedy is a retired counselor at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley. Her life’s purpose and work is inspiring others who have experienced a loss to regain their self-confidence and get through it.
No matter how someone deals or reacts to loss–she believes it is okay. She has a bumper sticker on her car that reads: “something wonderful is going to happen.”
See her purpose in action by viewing the video above or by clicking here.

MCC selects new food vendor

The five month process of finding a vendor to continue food service to MCC finally came to an end at the July 14, 2011 Board meeting. The Board approved Elite Cuisine, LLC to provide food service operations at each campus. The agreement began on July 1, and will continue through June 30, 2014 with the option to renew for two additional one-year periods.

The search for a vendor began as Treat America’s contract was coming to a close. On Feb. 25 a request for proposals was sent out with a deadline of April 28. Four companies responded. Selection committees invited the companies to present and were then interviewed by the committee.

As of now, contacts for each campus are as follows:
Blue River – Jon Burke
BTC – Karen Moore
Longview – Marvin Aaron
Maple Woods – Brian Bechtel
Penn Valley – Gurbhushan Singh

Career opportunity

CO# 11-112 MW Administrative Assistant - Level 3 - FPT
* posted 07/29/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 08/14/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 11-113 PV Library Specialist - Level 3 (Internal Only)
* posted 07/29/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 08/14/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

Video: MCC-Maple Woods presents Fitness Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Employees: Responding to campus emergencies

In these times of shootings and natural disasters, colleges need to be prepared for all types of emergencies. MCC employees need awareness related to emergency preparedness and administrators will need to be involved in  pre-planning of handling campus emergencies.

MCC will be hosting will host the FEMA class: Prevention of, Response to, and Recovery From Campus Emergencies on Oct. 11-12, 2011 at the BTC. There is not cost for MCC employees to attend.
For additional information and registration visit:

MCC named among best college employers

MCC has been named one of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s 2011 Great Colleges to Work For, according to a report released July 25.

The national publication recognized MCC in the category of compensation and benefits, noting that the five-campus college district “offers solid [state] pension plans, health benefits like fully covered routine checkups, and a generous tuition-remission program.” A vacation carryover policy and wellness incentive programs were also cited as reasons MCC was chosen for the honor.

More than 300 institutions across the country participated

Keep your valuables out of sight

To discourage break-ins and theft from your vehicle, please do not leave any valuables in plain view, especially GPS units. If you do leave valuables in your vehicle, always secure them in your trunk. Also, avoid leaving items in your glove box as this is the first place a criminal looks.

As always, your safety is our first concern. If you see a situation that you think is unusual or are the victim of a crime, contact the Campus Police Department at 816-604-1200. From a College phone, dial 1200. In case of an emergency, call 911 (when using a college phone, dial 8-911).

Students: Rental returns and book buyback

The MCC Bookstores will conduct the end of semester buyback on the following days:

July 28 - 8 a.m.-noon and 1 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
July 29 - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Rental books are due back no later than 4 p.m. on July 29, 2011 to avoid charges to your student account.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MCC Opens Free Public Computer Centers

MCC has opened four new public computer centers (PCCs) and will open two more at the end of August. The PCCs, which will be free and open to the public, will give under-resourced residents access to computers for training to help them in the job market and in their personal lives.

“The PCCs will function as one-stop technology centers for launching new opportunities, new careers and personal enrichment, with a specific focus on the unemployed and underemployed populations,” said Rich Prather, PCC director.

The PCCs will be located on each of MCC’s five campuses and at the Pioneer location, a satellite extension of the Penn Valley campus.

The establishment of the PCCs is part of a state-wide Pathways to Broadband Access and Technology Education at Missouri’s Community Colleges project facilitated by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. Funding is provided by

Interactive Technology Integrated into MCC Social Sciences Classes

The clicker that MCC-Penn Valley social sciences students will use to mark their answer choices.

A screen shot of a sample question that students can answer with their clickers.
When students come back in the fall for their social sciences classes this fall at MCC-Penn Valley, they will be greeted by clickers and interactive PowerPoint presentations. On Tuesday, July 26, Dr. Karen Curls, head of Penn Valley’s Social Sciences Division, along with the division instructors, were trained on using Turning Point, a program from Turning Technologies, a company that specilializes in audience response systems.  The training was facillitated by Ben Bestic of Turning Technologies and Jim Beachner, the Health Science Institute Network Coordinator.

How Does it Work?
Turning Point is a program designed to work with MS PowerPoint to display questions and multiple-choice answer choices on instructor' lecture slides.  After viewing the question, students are allowed to use a palm-sized LCD-powered clicker to anonymously select an answer in the alloted time.  Once that time is up, the instructor can prompt an animation to display the correct answer or display a bar graph that shows how many students chose each answer.

MCC PTK shines at state leadership training conference

MCC-Longview PTK
Kappa Tau officers from left to right: Kelly Lucas-V.P. of Correspondence, Oscar Aguilar - V.P. of Public Relations, Alex Balmer - V.P of Service, Nicholas Franklin - V.P. of Leadership, Cathy Baker - Chapter's President, Rikki Atkinson - V.P. of Fundraising, Robert Gaines- V.P. at Large

PTK Vice President Oscar Aguilar and his fellow PTK officers attended the Missouri leadership conference in Columbia this past month. Here is what Oscar had to report after the breathtaking experience with other PTK chapters from around the state:

Friday, July 15, a group of seven Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members and two advisors from Longview’s PTK Chapter, Kappa Tau, headed to Columbia to attend the Missouri regional Honors In Action (HIA) conference held at Steven's college. 
Each year, the community college honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, invites honor students from two-year colleges in Missouri to participate in a weekend seminar concerning HIA. At this time, Phi Theta Kappa honor students are exploring the theme “Democratization of Information: power, promise, and peril” 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Video: Celebrating 10 years at one MCC campus

MCC employees who have spent 10 or more years at MCC-Blue River talk about their favorite moments

Friday, July 22, 2011

MCC's FabLab Featured in KC Business Journal: FabLab helps connect budding entrepreneurs, tradespeople

Read more about FabLab in this weeks issue of the Kansas City Business Journal

Career opportunities

CO# 11-108 AC Director of Student Financial Services
* posted 07/22/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 08/21/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 11-109 AC MetroSoft System Manager
* posted 07/22/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 08/07/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 11-111 LV Student Services Technician
* posted 07/22/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 08/07/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

MCC-Penn Valley Says Goodbye to Murvell McMurry

Thursday, July 21 marked the last day of Mr. Murvell McMurry's career at the Penn Valley campus of Metropolitan Community College.  His poutluck-style retirement party was held on the 5th floor of Campus Center Thursday afternoon and was attended by his wife, co-workers, former students' he's helped throughout the years, and members of his high school graduting class.  The room was decorated with cutouts of his infamous sayings that have rung through Penn Valley halls for nearly the past three decades and guests signed a hand-crafted model parking lot to commemorate the occasion. 

Mr. McMurry worked in various facets of student services at Metropolitan Community College for nearly 30 years before his retirement and has undoubtedly touched many lives of those around him with his engaging personality.  Now that his days as an MCC employee are over, he plans to do some travelling with his wife.  Best of luck to Mr. McMurry in his retirement; his presence and wit will be greatly missed!

“Happy Friday” from Jay Imhauser

One more way MCC’s got talent; Jay Imhauser, who works at the MCC-Blue River Book Store, has been singing and strumming for most of his life. His latest CD, which is still in the late production stages, was released to a limited audience of music industry insiders and is already generating a buzz. In fact, he recently received a call from a yet-to-be-named Nashville recording artist requesting chord charts for the opening tune on his CD, entitled “Happy Friday.” If his songs keep getting enough attention,

Video: MCC-Maple Woods presents Fitness Friday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

See NEW System Trainer In Action! Career Exploration Tonight at MCC-Business & Technology

See MCC-BTC's NEW Integrated Manufacturing Assembly (IMA) trainer in action at tonight's Career Exploration Night.   This simulated production line sorts component bases by size and weight and adds springs and a top to create a multi-component device.  Students who master these technologies can easily transition to building cars or working on automated sorting lines at the U.S. Postal Service.

Baseball player Kyle Simpson heads to Missouri Western State University

From the
A former Camdenton Laker will continue his baseball career at the NCAA D-II level. Missouri Western State University announced that Kyle Simpson will transfer to play his junior and senior years with the Griffons.
Simpson played two years of junior college baseball for Metropolitan Community College-Longview in Kansas City. As a Longview Laker, Simpson was an all-region and all-district catcher and third baseman. As a freshman at Longview he hit .424 with six home runs while as a sophomore he hit .309 with two home runs.
Read more about Simpson here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MCC-Penn Valley Music Faculty Member Featured as Guest Conductor at Performing Arts Institute

MCC faculty member Clarence Smith was a guest conductor at the Performing Arts Institute, a summer camp held at Wyoming Seminary, a college prep school in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  During the week of July 11-15, 2011, Mr. Smith conducted the Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo at the camp.  He also lectured each day on the history of Kansas City jazz for the music topics series.

Mr. Smith currently serves as the coordinator of music at the Penn Valley campus while also teaching jazz at the Lonview and Blue River campuses.  Congratulations on your magnificent accomlishment, Mr. Smith!

Economic Development Expert Craig Joins MCC Staff

Jessica Craig has joined the staff of MCC as performance manager of economic development for the Institute for Workforce Innovation.

Craig came to MCC from the Missouri Department of Economic Development where she worked as a field project manager for seven years. In that role, she coordinated business recruitment and expansion activities which included crafting incentive packages for companies. She worked with businesses across the Greater Kansas City region and was responsible for business development in the life sciences industry, including the Animal Health Corridor.
At MCC, Craig will be responsible for economic development

MCC Automotive is blazing new trails in Hybrid Vehicle technology

Danelle McKinney w/ Ford Hybrid

Blazing new trails in the automotive technology field is nothing new to students at Metropolitan Community College.

But did you know that MCC owns one of the first ever produced Ford Hybird vehicles and instructors use it daily to train the next generation of automotive engineers and technology specialists.

Even before Ford Automotive began mass producing the Ford Escape Hybird in 2004, instructors and students at the Longview campus were able to get a first-hand look at a prototype donated by Ford to the college.

Students removing the battery

Longview automotive instructor David Patience said the hybrid has been a valuable resource for students who want to learn about the inner-workings and mechanics of this new breed of car. Student can then take what they learn through the Longview Automotive Program and apply it directly to their career in auto engineering, mechanics or design.

The vehicle and hybrid training program is being featured next month in the Kansas City's Greenability Magazine.

To learn more about the Hybird vehicle and the MCC-Longview automotive program, be sure to check out

Area high school students tour vet tech facility

Even in the midst of summer vacation, area high school students are thinking abut next year's inevitable college admissions craze, preparing by visiting schools, talking with admissions reps and ticking off standing in line at financial aid counters.

In order to help students navigate their college visit experiences, Maple Woods created Monarch Days, which give groups interested in a specific program, like education, veterinary technology or GIS, a chance to meet faculty, sit in on a class, and explore everything the program has to offer.

Recently, a group decided to tour the MCC-Maple Woods Vet Tech facility to get a feel for the program, the instructors and for campus life. After a rundown of admissions requirements and an overview of the programs, the students got a personal tour of the lab, classrooms and barn and met some of the staff they'll be working with if they decide to continue the program.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MCC-Penn Valley Longtime Employee Retires

Today brings a bittersweet farewell to Ms. Theola Cheatham who was a long-time administrative assistant to the former president of the Penn Valley campus.  Theola has given 13 years of service to the Penn Valley campus, and all will be sad to see her go but excited for her new coming ventures in retirement.  Thank you for all you have done to make the Penn Valley campus a more smoothly running institution, Thola,  and best of luck in your future endeavors.

MCC Foundation moves to the Administrative Center

The MCC Foundation, which was housed at the MCC-Penn Valley Campus, has recently made the move to the Administrative Center, located at 3200 Broadway.

The Foundation is directed by Vincent Anch, and has 2 full-time staff postions. Foundation employees can be reached at:

Vince Anch  Director  604.1411
Nancy McCallum  Program Specialist  604.1348
Lesli Shaver  Program Specialist  604.1338

The Metropolitan Community College (MCC) Foundation & Alumni Association was founded in 1975. The Foundation supports the mission of MCC: Preparing Students, Serving Communities, Creating Opportunities.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Flashback 1919! Polytechnic School Song

The beginning of Metropolitan Community College dates back to 1915, originally known as the Kansas City Polytechnic Institute. Here is the school song taken from a 1919 yearbook:

You may speak of universities, of K. and M.S.U
Of Harvard and of Michigan, and even Princeton, too.
But for every single classman, there’s none that can compete
With Junior C of old K.C., the school that can’t be beat.
Hoorah for the College! Sing, Tra-la-la-la-la.
Tis there you get your knowledge! Tra-la-la-la-la.
We like her for her faculty, we like her for her Rep.
We like her for her students, and we like her for her Pep.
We like her for the things she’s done, and the things she’s going to do.
So Junior C. of old K.C., we’ll give a cheer to you.
Roll ‘em on the floor,
Roll ‘em on the floor,
For Polytech, we’ll win by Heck!
Roll ‘em on the floor.

Are you one of us? 
If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of students who have passed through the doors of MCC over the past few decades, we want to hear from you. Visit to reconnect with MCC.

Career opportunity

CO# 11-104 BR Business Office Coordinator
* posted 07/18/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 07/24/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 11-105 PV Director of Clinical Programming
* posted 07/18/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 07/31/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

MCC Employee on the Move!

Next week, Shana McGinnis-Dorsey will be transitioning from her position at the Penn Valley campus to the Maple Woods campus as a Student Services Specialist! Shana’s impact and energy at Penn Valley will certainly be missed and she will make a great addition to the staff at Maple Woods. Good luck, Shana, in your new position and congratulations!

MCC co-hosts healthcare cultural competence panel

MCC is teaming up with two local nonprofit organizations this week to host a panel discussion focused on the creation of culturally competent healthcare organizations and providers throughout Greater Kansas City.

The event, to be held at the MCC-Penn Valley Health Science Institute, is sponsored by Harmony and supported by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Young Latino Professionals group. The panel will be held Tuesday, July 19, 5:30-7 p.m.

Panelists include Carla Gibson from REACH Foundation, Gaby Flores from Children's Mercy Hospital and Sandy McIlnay from the Health Science Institute. Darryck Dean, president of Harmony, will moderate. The event is free and open to the public; all MCC students and employees are invited to attend.

Harmony is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing appreciation for cultural diversity and eliminating intolerance. This week's panel is part of a quarterly dialogue series the organization puts on to explore various aspects of diversity and inclusion.

Rep. Jerry Nolte hosts informational session for seniors at MCC-Maple Woods

Rep. Jerry Nolte, along with Senator Luann Ridgeway and Rep. T.J Berry, recently hosted an information session for Northland seniors. The legislators updated the participants on topics and upcoming pieces of legislation that could affect them in the future, such as property taxes, economic growth and the national healthcare plan.

Several organizations were also on hand to answer questions, provide information on everything from pharmacies to senior-specific services. Rep. Nolte hosts the session every summer to keep senior citizens or their caretakers informed and up-to-date.

Friday, July 15, 2011

MCC-Longview joins Google+

Technology moves fast, but MCC-Longview is right there riding the wave of +1s and Google Circles with the rest of them.

Join MCC-Longview on Google+ as we share news from campus and the community.

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MCC-Penn Valley’s Legendary Coach Recognized

The late Fred Pohlman, long-time MCC basketball head coach at the Penn Valley campus, received the Earl Smith Greater Kansas City Amateur Sports Hall of Champions award Thursday, July 14, 2011 for his outstanding coaching abilities and for his impact on students’ lives through sports.

Fred was a stellar man on and off the court and strived to teach his students and players more than just about sports, but also about life. In 1996, he coached his team to a winning championship game played in Illinois. Before he died, he lived to be inducted into the Greater Kansas City Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame, the Osborn County, KS Hall of Fame, and the Greater Kansas City Sports Commission Hall of Fame.

Fred’s legacy lives with us still as our MCC-PV gymnasium bears his name in his memory. Fred will forever be missed and appreciated for his hard work which led him to receive the Earl Smith Greater Kansas City Amateur Sports Hall of Champions award.

MCC-Penn Valley July Employee of the Month: Donna Wallace

Next time you conduct business in MCC-Penn Valley's Social Sciences division, be sure to congratulate Donna Wallace for a job well done! Donna Wallace was recently nominated for Employee of the Month at MCC's Penn Valley campus for the month of July. Donna works as the Administrative Assistant for the Social Sciences division and received the nomination for her hard work and dedication to her position.

Donna began working for MCC in 1986 and throughout her time here has acquired a plethora of knowledge about many facets of MCC and the people it serves. She has worked in Continuing Education, the UAW-GM Human Resource Center, and the Pioneer Campus.

She came to her current position in the social sciences division at the Penn Valley campus in March 2001 and enjoys what she does “because there are so many different and interesting personalities” and because “there is never a dull moment.”

When Donna is not busy working, she loves to relax by taking long walks, reading good books, and most of all enjoying time with her two sons ages 17 and 14 and the rest of her family.

It is evident that the Social Sciences division would not function the same without Donna’s hard work and expertise. Thank you, Donna, and hats off to you for a job well done!

Katrina Burch, MCC-Blue River grad, globe hops for geology

An earthquake simulation related to the Great American Shakeout, a project
which Katrina Burch worked on recently

Katrina Burch began her higher education in geology at MCC-Blue River and has taken it all the way to South Korea where she is currently pursuing graduate studies in geophysics under a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).Katrina made a huge impression on her instructors here; whenever her name comes up, those who shared her Blue River experience vie to share stories of her time on campus. 

Here at MCC-Blue River, Katrina developed an orientation program for incoming Freshmen. Counselor Jeff Wilt says, “Katrina was instrumental in helping to develop the new student orientation program for Blue River which has gone on to be a model for the district. She helped to develop a database of students who had been contacted, recording their responses and their attendance. She also invited students to attend orientation and professors to speak at the orientation events. “[Katrina] excelled in the classroom as well...” Wilt continued. Katrina advised students as a peer-advisor, suggesting classes and tutoring in our academic resource center.

At UMKC Katrina has worked through the Geoscience Education Opportunities: Partnerships to Advance Teaching and Scholarship program. GEOPATHS, as the program is called by acronym, is designed to bring

Blackboard Upgrade on the Way

MCC will soon be upgrading to a new version of Blackboard. The new version, called Blackboard Learn™, Release 9.1, will go live on August 8. Here are some of the great new features:

Student Engagement is the Key to Success
In Release 9.1, exciting new social learning and teaching tools foster more logical, visually impactful, and active learning opportunities for students, helping them stay connected to their educational experience 24 hours a day with features like wikis, gradable blogs, and mashups.

Educator Efficiency is Important
New capabilities in Release 9.1 will save educators and organizational leaders time and effort, making it easier to focus on student achievement and retention. Enhanced grading workflow, an assessment manager, and learning modules for course organization allow instructors to be more efficient.

For more information, check out these resources:
• A new on-demand learning center with free access to videos, quick tutorials and getting started guides
• DES teaching and tech resources wiki; on the right-hand sidebar, select "9.1 Upgrade Center"
• Access a tutorial on the new Blackboard system; select "Preview"

Watch The MCC Insider for more details on the upgrade.

Career opportunity

CO# 11-103 PV Administrative Assistant - Level 5
* posted 07/15/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 07/31/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

Tobacco-free policy approved by Board

The much talked about new tobacco-free policy was approved last night by MCC’s Board of Trustees. The new policy prohibits the use of all tobacco products on any MCC property. Tobacco-free refers to all types of smoking and smokeless tobacco products. This policy will be effective August 1, 2011.

The policy has been under development since the announcement at a Cabinet meeting last November by Chancellor Mark James.

“MCC is joining a national trend of colleges and universities committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students, employees and visitors,” said James. “This is not about dictating human behavior. This policy simply eliminates the danger of second-hand smoke on our campuses and facilities and introduces our students to a practice that is becoming the norm in the workplace.”

In part, the policy states: “…tobacco and tobacco substitute products… on all campus premises, leased property, and college-owned vehicles is prohibited, with no exceptions. This policy applies to all students, employees, tenants, subtenants, contractors, and visitors.”

All areas that are currently designated smoking areas will no longer be available and butt receptacles will be removed from each campus and the Administrative Center.

Communication to students, employees and others affiliated with the college has been ongoing while the policy was being composed and reviewed by governance groups at MCC.

For more information, visit the Tobacco-free page on the MCC website.

Video: MCC-Maple Woods presents Fitness Friday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MCC Board Meeting Tonight - via conference call

The MCC Board of Trustee meeting will be held this evening at 5:30 p.m. by conference call at the Administrative Center, located at 3200 Broadway.

MCC Receives Federal Grant for Nursing Scholarships

Metropolitan Community College was awarded a grant on July 29, 2011 in the amount of $64,114 from the United States Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration. Maximum funds were awarded for the criteria that MCC meets.

All funds will be used for scholarships for students pursuing nursing degrees. Congratulations to all who worked to apply for this grant! We are excited for continued ways that MCC strives to help students. More information will follow on how students can apply for these scholarships at a later date.

Career opportunity

CO# 11-101 AC Public Safety Officer- FPT
* posted 07/13/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Tuesday, 07/19/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lactation rooms identified for employees

Lactation room symbol.
MCC has designated an employee lactation room on each campus and at the Administrative Center for providing a sanitary and private location for breastfeeding employees to express their milk during work hours. Employees are permitted to express their milk during their work hours for up to one year after the birth of a child.

The designated lactation rooms are located as follows:

MCC-Blue River: CC 230T
MCC-Business & Technology: CC 200D
MCC-Longview: CC 245
MCC-Maple Woods: ADMN 107B
MCC-Maple Woods/Northland Human Services: Room 2603 (Fitness Center Assessment Room)
MCC-Penn Valley: ST 339B
MCC-Penn Valley/Health Science Institute: 408Y
MCC-Administrative Center: 224A
Each room provides an electrical outlet, chair, and nearby access to hot running water and soap. Employees may prefer to use their own private office area, or another comfortable location agreed upon in consultation with the employee’s supervisor.

Employees who use the areas are responsible for keeping the area clean for the next user. This responsibility extends to both designated rooms, as well as other locations where expressing milk may occur. Employees may use their own cooler packs to store the expressed milk within their own work area.

Reasonable/Flexible Break Times

Employees shall be given flexible and reasonable breaks, using their own normal break periods and meal times, to better accommodate milk expression. For any amount of time that may be needed above and beyond the usual break periods, employees may use personal leave or may make up their time as negotiated with their supervisor.

It is the employee’s responsibility to keep supervisors informed of their needs so that appropriate accommodations can be made to satisfy the needs of both the employee and the department.

Non-Harassment of Breastfeeding Employees

It is prohibited to harass a breastfeeding employee. Any incident of harassment will be addressed according to MCC’s administrative procedure for sexual harassment prevention. The administrative procedure can be found at

Historical Fun Facts

Women's basketball team from 1919.
The beginning of Metropolitan Community College dates back to 1915, originally known as the Kansas City Polytechnic Institute. 234 eager students signed up for the first semester.

Other fun facts:

• The original building, at 11th & Locust, had previously been the old Central High School, built in 1875.

• Tuition was free to students under 21 who lived within the school district.

• The Junior College was the first public school in the country to award an associate of arts degree, and it became a national model for two-year postsecondary education.

• The term “junior college” originated in the 1890s, “community college” in the 1950s.

Fulbright scholar credits MCC-Blue River experience for success

Tamera Jenkins, Fulbright scholar lands in Canada

You can get absolutely anywhere in the world from right here at Metropolitan Community College-Blue River. Tamera Jenkins took that message to heart, earning her way to a Fulbright scholarship and an exhilarating experience studying abroad. From the Blue River campus in Independence, Mo., Tamera made her way to a world of new experiences at Simon Fraser University's Graduate School of Criminology in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“I was thrilled when my son went to Blue River,” Tamera says. And when she brought him to campus to procure permission for him to attend at a younger than normal age, Jon Burke, MCC-Blue River's dean of student development, gave her the encouragement she says she needed to continue her own education as well.

Jon described their first meeting, saying, “She told me that she had thought about going back to college herself at some point in the future. I encouraged her to take one class at Blue River—begin as a part-time student and then decide if she’d like to be a full-time student for future semesters.” In light of her Fulbright scholarship and her track record of academic success, Jon added, “In hindsight, it certainly appears that

Summer symposium recap - The new accreditation process

Diane Nyhammer was the key note speaker at MCC’s summer symposium on student learning held on July 8 at MCC-Penn Valley.  Nyhammer, a Higher Learning Commission mentor and provost/chief academic officer at Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois, discussed the new accreditation program called Open Pathway through the North Central Association Higher Learning Commission (HLC). 

MCC was invited to participate in Open Pathways because of strong past performance on the previous two accreditation visits.  The new accreditation process has multiple dimensions and will allow MCC to initiate a major project to help meet accreditation obligations.

The project undertaken by MCC involves assessment of student learning through discipline outcomes and simplification and assessment of student learning of general education outcomes.  The project will enable MCC to collect necessary data for improving student learning and raise awareness of and participation in assessment of student learning at all levels of the institution.  Over 70 MCC faculty and staff participated in the symposium and provided input on specific aspects of the student learning assessment project.

MCC-Longview presents: Songs of a New World

MCC-Longview is proud to present Songs for a New World, a critically acclaimed musical written and composed by Jason Robert Brown, who has been praised by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “one of Broadway’s smartest and most sophisticated songwriters since Steven Sondheim.

Since its off-Broadway debut in 1995, Songs for a New World has delighted audiences around world.
Songs for a New World
8 p.m.  July 28, 29 & 30
At the MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center
Tickets: $10 at the door

For information, or to buy advance tickets, call 816.604.2030.

Monday, July 11, 2011

System upgrade planned for fall - note dates

As part of the continuing enhancements/upgrades to the myMCCKC system, Oracle has required that Campus Solutions and HR/Payroll reside in separate databases. This change requires MCC to split the two systems. During the split an upgrade will be implemented to the HR/Payroll system to a newer version of PeopleSoft.

Two timeframes have been identified for the go-live. The first is Sept. 23-26, if the split and upgrade can be completed in a weekend. If not, the second option is for Sept. 30-Oct. 7. With either option, employees and students should not be impacted for an extended period - the major affect will be seen on the HR/Payroll side. During those times, access to employee and student self-service will be restricted during the upgrade.

Access to myMCCKC, Outlook, student email and Blackboard will not be affected.

Employees and students should not see any difference in the system after the upgrade. Every effort will be made so the transition between databases is seamless. Watch your email for more information on this project.

Student Profile: Dakota Fletcher, a rising star in the engineering world

Dakota Fletcher might have successfully finished his studies at Metropolitan Community College-Longview, but says the impression his experience at MCC left on him will last a lifetime.

Fletcher graduated from MCC-Longview this past spring with a degree in engineering. He now plans to take his education to the next level as he prepares to start classes at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

"I knew I wanted to go into some engineering field," Fletcher said. "And everything I heard from school counselors and professors at S&T was that starting at Longview was going to best prepare me for the kind of success I wanted."

MCC-Maple Woods student speaks through art

Communication is part of everything we do, whether it’s school, work or play. There are as many different brands of communication as there are people, and for Shawnie Peck, a sophomore at MCC-Maple Woods, it’s art.

A lifetime native of Lawson, Mo., Shawnie was diagnosed with autism when she was four years old, and didn’t utter a word until she was almost five. Her parents worked with her throughout her childhood, through school and even through college at Maple Woods, where she is working on a certificate in graphic design.

Shawnie’s passion for art is often combined with her other passion: horses.

KC Business Journal: BTC's Tom Wheeler Talks about Manufacuring Trends and Worker Skills

Tom Wheeler is dean of instruction at Metropolitan Community College's Business & Technology Campus. MCC is beginning to examine revising its curriculum to coordinate with a national certification system.

Check out the article here.

Friday, July 8, 2011

MCC receives state and federal grants

MCC has been awarded two grants totaling about $90,000.

One grant, from the Missouri Department of Higher Education in the amount of $25,000, is focused on default prevention. The funding will partially cover the salary and benefits of the district's default prevention coordinator who supports students throughout the lifecycle of their student loans. The grant, which runs from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012, is expected to positively impact MCC’s U.S. Department of Education cohort default rate.

Another grant, from the U.S. Health and Human Resources and Services Administration in the amount of $64,114, will provide scholarships for students in need. The scholarship funds will be granted directly to economically or educationally disadvantaged nursing students at the MCC-Penn Valley Health Science Institute. Economic need is determined based on the U.S. Health and Human Services poverty table; educational need is based on factors such as being a first generation college student or a recent GED completer or having attended a high school with a low graduation rate. The grant period is July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 with possible annual renewals.

Career opportunity

CO# 11-098 LV Human Services Instructor
* posted 07/08/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 08/07/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 11-099 LV Business Office Supervisor
* posted 07/08/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 07/24/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

Campus Closing

MCC-Business & Technology campus will be closed today, Friday, July 8, due to a water main break near the campus. Classes will resume Monday, July 11.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rental Books due back July 29 - Don't forget!

Students: Summer RENTAL BOOKS are due back to the campus bookstore before 4 p.m. on July 29, 2011.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MCC in the News: Joplin volunteering

When MCC-Longview continuing education coordinator Diane Mannion sent an all-employee email inviting colleagues to join her for a trip to Joplin, Mo., to help with clean-up efforts in the tornado-ravaged town, she probably didn't think it would land her on a live news broadcast at 6:00 on a sleepy Friday morning.

Mannion and Longview registrar David Fritz were featured in a live broadcast on KMBC 9 FirstNews before departing for Joplin in the wee hours of Friday, July 1. Meteorologist Lisa Teachman,
David Fritz represented MCC in one of two
live television spots on Friday morning
on KMBC channel 9 FirstNews. 
who has been covering the aftermath of the devastating May 22 tornado, spoke with Mannion and Fritz about their motivation to help with clean-up efforts.

Fritz, who had spent three days in Joplin a few weeks earlier, said he had personally experienced the devastating impact of severe storms when a tornado ripped through his hometown in Kansas in 2001.

Mannion said she and Terri Kelley, a program specialist at Longview, devised the volunteer coordination plan while looking through photos that Kelley had taken when she traveled to Joplin in June. The two chose July 1 as the date for MCC volunteers to help, and more than 70 MCC students, employees and family members signed up to make the trip.

The volunteers met at Longview early Friday morning and caravanned to Joplin, about 2.5 hours south of Lee's Summit.

Some members of the group helped with sorting of

MCC-Maple Woods Dean attends Future Leaders Institute

As community colleges, and MCC in particular, experience increased growth and less funds to manage it with, campus leaders are turning to professional development to prepare them for making decisions that will guide the future of their institutions.

Mindy McCallum, dean of instruction at MCC-Maple Woods, recently attended the Future Leaders Institute, hosted by the America Association of Community Colleges, in Baltimore, Md. Around 45 people are selected to attend the 5-day event, and vice presidents, deans, associate deans and directors from all over the country participated to share and learn and prepare themselves to move into leadership roles in the future.

Institutional change, leadership style, conflict resolution, diversity and technology were some of the many topics covered at the institute - which is staffed by current community college presidents, who are able to give a first-hand and blunt appraisal of what it takes to lead a community college. Former presidents also work as career counselors at the institute.

MCC-Longview student reflects on his service in Joplin, Mo.

On Friday, July 1, a group of 75 student, faculty and staff drove to Joplin, Mo., to help in the ongoing clean-up efforts there.

One MCC student, Mike Simpson, wrote this short reflection after returning from his day of volunteer service in Joplin:

"It is impossible to describe the full magnitude of the destruction in the city of Joplin. All the many local and national newscasts couldn't prepare me for what I saw down there. As soon as our bus entered ground zero, I was overwhelmed with a sense of sadness and despair.
However, in the midst of all the rubble there were volunteers from all over the country. These people drove for hours to work in a cloud of dust in the sweltering heat to help people that they have never met. Being surrounded by so many of these kind-hearted people is a big relief in a city that has been plagued with so much sadness."
MCC will continue to provide aid to the Southern Missouri town in its recovery from the devastating tornado that left more than 150 people dead and left thousands homeless.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NJCAA honors MCC-Maple Woods student athletes

In addition to their on-field talent, several student-athletes at MCC-Maple Woods are flexing their scholarly muscles as well, earning academic honors from the National Junior College Athletics Association for their classroom performance.

Tara Chavez (women’s soccer), Kara Chavez (women’s soccer), Sheryl Mattox (softball) and Mallory White (softball) were each awarded for Exemplary Academic Achievement. Students earning this award must have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 to 3.79.

Tara and Kara are both graduates of Winnetonka High School and are the daughters of Paul Chavez and Theresa Quattlebaum of Kansas City.
Mallory White is a graduate of Marceline High School in Marceline, Mo., and is the daughter of Greg and Patti White. She is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the academic honor society for 2-year institutions.

Sheryl Mattox, daughter of Russell and Shirley Mattox, graduated from Archie High School in Archie, Mo. She is pursuing a degree in architectural engineering and is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

Jeff Cline (baseball) was awarded for Superior Academic Excellence, which requires a 3.8 to 3.99 cumulative GPA. Jeff is a graduate of Platte City High School and is the son of Diane Cline.

Neil Smith (baseball) earned the highest academic honor recognized by the NJCAA – The Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence. Students who earn a perfect 4.0 GPA are selected for this award. Neil graduated from Hickman Mills High School in Columbia, Mo., and is pursuing a degree in biochemical engineering.

MCC-Longview July employee of the month: Arlene Arel

Please join me in congratulating Arlene Arel, Longview Café Chef, as July Employee of the Month.

Arline Arel moved to Grandview from Haverhill, Massachusetts, and then built a house in Lee’s Summit.  She began working as a chef in Longview’s kitchen more than 25 years ago — and also was the fry cook when needed.  She cooked up a storm for the employees and the students, enjoying every minute of it.  The last four years she has been the head cashier.  

Last summer, when Longview decided to close the kitchen. But it shortly reopened because Arline was willing to prepare hot food and the salad line by herself.  Again, this was a labor of love.

She maintains that she will never retire because she enjoys the company of Longview’s employees and students.  She says, “I love the students—seeing their growth and achievements."

She still finds time between semesters when the café is closed to go camping, boating, and swimming.  She has nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren with whom she enjoys her vacation time.

Congratulations Arlene!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Carter Art Center Gallery Director receives praise for exhibit

Carter Art Center Gallery Director Bernadette Torres presented some of her ceramic pieces in "Nature as Muse" exhibit at the Blue Gallery.

Several art critics complimented her work in their reviews of the First Friday opening and follow-up coverage of the show.

Penn Valley English instructor shares social media reflections

Teaching on a college campus is not only fulfilling. It also keeps you in touch with youth and pop culture. Just ask MCC-Penn Vally English Instructor Anita Leverich, who recently wrote about social media popularity with the young and young at heart. Click here to read her amusing observations about texting in today's society.

Leverich is a "Midwest Voices" columnist with The Kansas City Star.

Career opportunities

CO# 11-096 LV Groundskeeper-FPT

* posted 07/01/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Sunday, 07/17/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

CO# 11-097 BR President
* posted 07/01/2011
* will be removed from the website at 11:59 pm Monday, 08/17/2011 for the initial screening.
* For more information or to apply:

MCC-Maple Woods July Employee of the Month: Diane Aubrey

A student services specialist in the Advising-Counseling office, Diane Aubrey does a great deal of work for students "behind the scenes," including special enrollments and tracking down complex technical issues/problems that impact student success.

She is an incredible multitasker who is able to move forward through her work while being interrupted numerous times a day with student and co-worker questions, which she answers with her wealth of knowledge. Diane is so quietly competent and efficient that few people realize how much "over-and-above" she applies to her job duties and her contributions to students and co-workers. Diane is an exceptional employee who is central to the success of the MCC-Maple Woods Advising Counseling Center.

Tobacco-free MCC is just a month away!

MCC in the news: Staff and Faculty head to Joplin to help with ongoing clean-up efforts

At 5 a.m. more than 70 faculty and staff gathered at the flag poles at MCC-Longview as they prepared to head south to Joplin, Missouri.

The Lee's Summit Journal took time to talk with organizers and preview the trip in today's edition. Be sure to give it a read and support your co-workers headed to Joplin.

Smithsonian archaeologist Katherine Brooks, MCC-Blue River student success story

Katherine Brooks has taken a path from MCC-Blue River to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History as a working archaeologist. She is a sterling example of Blue River student success.

She was recently awarded a summer fellowship at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History where she will work in the Anthropology department. There Katherine is researching a Smithsonian collection of American Indian artifacts which she has already been studying. After this summer, she will apply for a post-doctoral research fellowship with the Smithsonian as well.

MCC-Blue River writing workshop on July 6

The next MCC-Blue River Creative Writing Workshop is scheduled for  Wednesday, July 6, from 2:30 until 3:30 p.m. in CC 137, also known as The Write Place.

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested, and always presents a wonderful opportunity to get advice and feedback from some truly talented writers. To be sure, some of the writers in attendance are published authors who will give your work the same reflective, analytic attention that they expect to get for their own workshop submissions. Just bring your poetry, your prose, your creative writing of any kind and be ready to enjoy sharing a love of literary creation.

This workshop will be the last one for the summer since the group will not meet in August.

Contact Sharon Hunter for further details at 816.604.6640.