Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Congratulations Adjunct Academy completers!

Seventeen adjunct faculty were honored at a celebration for the completers of the Adjunct Academy. In its third year, the Adjunct Academy continues to offer professional development workshops to new and returning adjuncts.

Row 1 (left to right): Linda Ornes-LV, Elizabeth Norwat-LV, James Voska-BTC, Wayne Yang-PV, Plarenta Vodo-BR. Row 2: Joseph Volpe-BR, Sook Hee Choi-PV, Cheryl Drown-BR, Matthew Richard-LV, Brent Wilson-PV. Row 3: Donald Lee-PV, Justin Dunham-PV, Robert Dumler-BTC, William Mauzey-LV, Peter Johnson-LV, Steve Murphy-LV. Not Pictured:Mark Beck- MW
The Adjunct Academy was created as a way for MCC to show an investment in our adjunct faculty by providing them opportunities for professional development.

“It’s a place for them to connect with other adjuncts,” said Lori Palmer, program specialist for instructional support. “They like the camaraderie. There is a core group that attends each year, so we try to keep the topics fresh.”

The sessions are offered on a Saturday, so those who attend and complete are really committed says Rich Higgason, director of educational programs. “These adjuncts are dedicated to their craft; dedicated to MCC. Our average attendance is about 30-35 each session.”

The workshops are taught by MCC faculty and employees who represent all campuses from a variety of disciplines. The topics this year included:
  • Assessment
  • Effective learning environments for stressed students
  • Blackboard 1 & 2
  • Learning and the brain
  • Master faculty workshop
 Those who completed all five workshops received a certificate of completion.

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