Monday, April 11, 2011

The Institute for Workforce Innovation is movin’ on up . . .

. . . to the fourth floor of the Campus Center at MCC-Penn Valley. IWI relocated over 40 personnel from BTC and PV into the space formerly occupied by the Applied Language Institute. All employees who moved from the BTC campus now have new phone numbers. Be sure to check the MCC phone directory for new contact information. IWI wishes to thank the following people for all their help in making the transition as smooth as possible:
Richard Hill and the MCC construction crew
Darrell Meyer, director of physical facilities
Tom Hulett and the BTC facilities staff
Jon Hopkins, Emit Bowman, and the PV facilities staff
Sheryl O'Roark and Carol Rodman in telecommunications
Robin Stoneman, Marsha Lerenberg, and NUS support staff
David Gray, Scott Haas, and mailroom support staff
Gary Wilson and MCC Campus Police
Troy Reed and Alana Deforest with MCC printing services
Joe Seabrooks, interim president, PV

Special thanks also to Debbie Goodall, president, MCC-BTC, for giving IWI program space to continue contract work for the district, as well as IWI staff Kevin Kelley and Jane Meyer for leading the relocation planning.

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