Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Map your campus

Mapping MCC-Longview

Do you know the fastest way to get from Parking Lot A to the Liberal Arts Building? Have you shared the secret short-cut through the Business Building?

Now you can share all of your campus navigation tips with the world (and maybe a few new students just learning the ropes) with the new Google Map Maker program.

Just log on with your Google account and you can start creating more accurate driving directions, walking directions and even biking directions on any map to any location in the world. More importantly, though, you can create maps of your campus that will give new students and visitors a better understanding of the layout before they have even set foot in a classroom.

But the Google Map Maker does more than just directions. Already students and staff have been building the MCC-Longview campus to mark individual buildings. So rather than aimlessly wandering campus looking for the right building, you can just Google your way right to the front door of your class.

(Hint: The Mel Aytes Education Center is actually behind the Business Building - but you know that already after checking the new Google Map Maker)

You can also show off some of your favorite places on campus - Cafe, Game Room, the hidden student lounge in the Business Building - by adding them to the map as well.

Let us know what you think and Happy Mapping!

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