Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Go fly a kite!

Although the site of pretty kites soaring in the sky seems like a simple act for a laid back, breezy Saturday afternoon, there's a lot more to it that one would think. Audrey Battrum's physics class found that out as they designed their own kites based on material they learned in the course - and then tried to make them fly.

Everything from plastic bags tied to strings (which doesn't get a lot of loft but does stay airborne as long as there's a hint of breeze) to the tried-and-true diamond-shaped paper kite that we're all familiar with took to the skies by the Student Center.

The kite work is all part of applying course material for physics and engineering students, who are actually graded on whether or not their kite flies.

For a really impressive display of kite-flying, plan to attend MCC-Longview's Flights of Fancy Kite Festival April 19. Free family fun!

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