Friday, April 15, 2011

MCC PD welcomes four new(ish) officers

Booker Armstrong, David Cooper, Joseph Ham and Zach Goode are not new to MCC but as of last night they all have a new title: police officer.
New MCC police officers (l-r) Zach Goode, Joseph Ham, David Cooper and Booker Armstrong were sworn in after the MCC-Blue River Police Academy graduation Wednesday night.

The four former MCC public safety officers graduated from MCC-Blue River's Police Academy alongside 24 other cadets Wednesday night. As required by the State of Missouri, the cadets completed eight months of intense training and passed a rigorous examination in order to become commissioned police officers.

Cooper, who had been lead public safety officer at MCC-Longview, is
now an MCC police officer assigned to Longview. Goode and Ham, who had been public safety officer and lead public safety officer, respectively, at MCC-Penn Valley, are now MCC police officers assigned to Penn Valley. Armstrong, who had been public safety manager at MCC-Blue River, is now MCC campus police captain assigned to Blue River. Each was presented with his commission and shield and sworn in as a campus police officer by Bill Hudson, MCC chief of campus police, immediately following the academy graduation ceremony.

Click here to see Fox 4 News coverage of the officers' graduation.

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