Thursday, April 28, 2011

LINC Works partnership gives families a step up

Every year, the Local Investment Commission (LINC) provides support to 3,300 clients in the Kansas City area while they search for employment. Now, their search just got a little easier.

Through a new partnership between the LINC Works initiative and the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation (I.W.I.), people receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) have the opportunity to get job training in high-demand fields.

In addition to supporting the mission of MCC, this important partnership with one of the region’s leading nonprofit community-based organizations brings in an average of $3,000 per student. Costs cover technical training, “soft skills” workplace preparation, connections to employers and academic support. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to help LINC clients get GEDs and technical certificates to help launch them in meaningful careers.

Since February, 45 students from LINC Works have enrolled in I.W.I. programs such as CNA+, certified mental health technician, and professional food preparation courses. Plans are in place for additional courses to be added on a monthly basis, paving the way for more participants. Options being explored for course offerings later this spring include welding, phlebotomy, sterile processing, commercial truck driving, and courses in the animal health sector.

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  1. Other people requiring this type of assistance are people who have been bumped around by unfair and unjust actions of others. Many qualifed, educated people with integrity are shut out of jobs while nepotism and closet discrimination rein rampant. I know that we need more assistance to overcome these injustices.