Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MCC-Longview presents guest director for summer theatre workshop

Theatre instructor Ryan Morehead has big plans for his summer.

In May, Morehead will be at the helm of MCC-Longview's newest theatre program and summer workshop that will transform the MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center into a dynamic space where students will learn about every facet of the theatre.

"This is going to be a new opportunity for students to learn not only about acting, but also lighting design, scenic and costume design, music, and everything that goes into the creation of a play," said Morehead.

The summer theatre workshop and classes are a new collaboration between the college and Morehead, who is the Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kan.

Morehead will teach two acting classes (Acting I and II) and the new summer theatre workshop at Longview this summer. All of the work done in those classes and on stage will culminate into a series of final performances of the hit musical Songs for a New World in late July, by and for the students of Longview.

As he works to get the program off the ground, he and college officials are inviting anyone and everyone who is interested in the stage to sign up and participate in this new opportunity.
Although the workshop is new, Morehead said working with Longview's theatre department is as familiar as the stage itself.

After high school Morehead left his hometown of Lee's Summit to study theatre in New York. When he returned, he took classes at Longview before heading to the University of Central Missouri's Theatre program.

"When I came home I really started to focus. I asked and answered the questions about why I wanted to teach theatre," he said.

The answer led him right back into the classroom at Longview - only this time as the teacher. To land a teaching job at Longview, was something he had only dreamed about.

"I have always wanted to work at MCC," he said. "I have always admired not only the students but what they do for the greater MCC community and the entire metropolitan Kansas City area. The students are going to be great and it's going to be a great summer."

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