Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MCC-Maple Woods finds innovative ways to reach out to current, prospective students

The days of singular college fairs, large campus tours and broad discussions with admissions reps are quickly becoming outdated ways of keeping in touch with prospective students. A campaign of constant contact, guiding prospective students as they begin to prepare for college until the time they graduate or transfer is part of MCC-Maple Woods’ new campaign to reach out to students in more innovative and interactive ways.

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have become the “hangout” for everyone aged 13 and up – students can get news and updates about everything. And we do mean everything. MCC-Maple Woods has stepped up its Facebook presence over the last year, filling Current Students and Prospective Students pages with information about campus activities, high school visits, testing dates,
financial aid deadlines and more.
But Facebook is something that all MCC campuses take advantage of and personalize as they find the best ways to serve their student populations. MCC-Maple Woods has taken digital interaction a step further, utilizing the student email system to spread the message and keeping interested parents in the loop at the same time.
While prospective students still receive basic emails sent to their student accounts, current students a more person, more in-depth messages designed to keep them informed and involved for their entire time at MCC-Maple Woods. Included in the web- and image-friendly messages, sent once a month, is information about activities, important dates, tips for success, even links to YouTube videos featuring other students, faculty and staff.
The brains behind the outreach operation, including MCC-Maple Woods Registrar Dawn Hatterman, Campus Life and Leadership Coordinator Misty Chandler and Marketing Coordinator Heather Perez along with MCC-Blue River Associate Dean of Student Development Karen Goos, have been so innovative in their approach to reaching out to current and prospective students through the new digital media available that they were present with the Silver Medallion Award at last year’s National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) conference. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in communications at community colleges and two-year technical schools.

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