Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mending contaminated recycling stream at MCC-Blue River

Questions have arisen from time to time regarding which items are recyclable. With the recent addition of cardboard bins to the kitchen and mailroom areas, even more questions about MCC-Blue River’s recycling policies have arisen.

The newest problem has been cardboard contaminating the Blue River recycling stream. Facility services superintendent Bob Shrauner recently asked all at Blue River to place any cardboard recycling items between the blue recycling bins and the wall behind.

Says Shrauner:
“Thank you for embracing our recycling efforts here at MCC-Blue River. With your help we are increasing the amount of materials for reuse and
 reducing our waste stream. . . . [Deffenbaugh] brought out a separate bin specifically for cardboard. . . . We are finding that a lot of you folks are recycling cardboard too, and that’s great!

“But there is a bit of a problem…

“The cardboard is finding its way into the blue recycling barrels in the hallways, contaminating the recycling stream and jeopardizing our recycling agreement with Deffenbaugh. But there is a simple fix.

“Instead of putting cardboard in the blue recycling bin, please break the boxes down flat and put them between the blue bin and the wall.”
At this time we do not recycle plastic bags, Styrofoam, glass, paper plates, paper cups and paper towels. If you still have questions about what can be placed in the recycling bins, contact the facility services office at 816.604.6538.

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