Monday, March 14, 2011

MCC-Maple Woods builds positive, diversive experience through AURI

Dedicated to fostering a positive, diverse learning atmosphere for students and employees, the MCC-Maple Woods Awareness, Understanding, Respect and Inclusion (AURI) Council is working to get students, faculty and staff involved in making "The Woods" a community leader in diversity.

The AURI Council seeks to promote intellectual discourse, open and honest communication, and opportunities to understand and learn from other cultures and perspectives. The council is working to define diversity beyond the normal, physical indicators, such a gender or race, to bring attention to the many types of people present on any campus. Ability, age, economics, religion, sexual identity or orientation and political views are just a few of the other "differences" that contribute to a colorful, diverse environment.

Co-chairs Crystal Johnson, history faculty, and Deb Cougill, assistant to the president, have assembled a group of faculty, staff administrative and student representatives to address the various issues associated with promoting a diverse campus.

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