Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bookstore Volunteer Opportunities for Employees

MCC bookstores want you! Help get the students set up for the first day of class! MCC employees are needed to volunteer at any of the campus bookstores during the week of Aug. 18 – 26 , time range between 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Exceptions to these dates are noted in descriptions below.

To volunteer, contact the bookstore manager to set up a time (contact information at bottom of post).

Volunteer Descriptions (It’s not a job, it’s an adventure!)

Internet order Window: Locations: PV, MW (8/11-8/26)
• Organize boxed orders.
• Verify student ID and order # against Bookstore order list.
• Validate ordered items against order summary.
• Reseal box and release to student.
• May require some lifting.

Receipt checker: Locations: PV
• Check merchandise/book receipts to match the merchandise/book leaving the store.
• Direct incoming traffic to the store.

Book re-stocker: Locations: PV
• Restock the back shelves.
• Will require some lifting.

Merchandise Re-stocker: Locations: PV
• Restock the sales floor.
• Will require some lifting.

Financial Aid Checker: Locations: PV, BTC, MW (8/11-8/26)
• Verify all students receiving financial aid have their aid posted to their accounts. If the aid is not posted, they will not be able to charge their purchases to their financial aid. BTC IS VALIDATING INTERNET ORDERS
• Volunteer will be equipped with a computer to check their account information prior to the student waiting in line.

Sales Floor Assistance: Locations: PV, BR (8/11 & 8/12 ONLY)
• Walk the sales floor to provide assistance as necessary.

Internet Order Filer: Locations: BTC
• Once order is processed, put in numeric order, hole punch and place in folder

Phones: Locations: MW, LV, BR
• Answer phones at bookstore

Bookstore Contacts:
BTC – Lawrence Ore 5487
BR – Nita Isenhour 6690
LV – Michelle Capps 2226
MW – Beth Austin 3182
PV – Selin Gaona 4190

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  1. BR could use a phone answerer too and the floor helper the first week of classes.

    BR Bookstore