Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Student profile: Goodi Khalsa heads west to UC-Berkeley

Chancellor Mark James visits MCC-Longview
Goodi Khalsa was regularly invited to speak with top administrators as a student while attending MCC-Longview. Here, she is meeting with Vice Chancellor Tuesday Stanley, MCC-Longview President Fred Grogan and Chancellor Mark James.

When Goodi Khalsa enrolled at Metropolitan Community College, she was unsure where her education would take her.

"When I first came to Longview I wanted to go into nursing," Khalsa said. "But after that first semester I wasn't sold on what I wanted to do, really."

With a strong background in mathematics and problem solving, she eventually realized that she wanted to go that route. Her interest in and love of math made her so successful at Longview that starting this fall, she will be transferring to one of the most prestigious math schools in the country: The University of California-Berkeley.

"I knew when I left here I wanted to go to the best school and so that is where I applied," Khalsa said, noting that she was courted by MIT and others. "I wanted to land at a school where I could not only get my degree in mathematics, but also go into a master's degree as well."

Even though she is leaving MCC, she is upbeat and positive about the time she spent on campus and working in the Student Life and Leadership office.

"(After high school) I felt a lot pressured that I needed to know what I wanted to do with my life," she said. "That is what I loved coming to Longview. I was able to explore just about everything before finally deciding."

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