Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MCC-Maple Woods textbook library continues to grow, assist students

While most people think the biggest part of paying for college is tuition, that's not always the case. Just ask any A+ student, whose tuition is covered by state funds, but whose textbooks have to come from somewhere.

Textbooks can be prohibitively expensive, and every MCC campus has one or more programs designed to ease the burden on already-overextended students. A book-loan program for single parents returning to campus and a rental system via the bookstore is available at each campus. MCC-Maple Woods also has its own programs that aim to ensure students can participate fully in their classes - among them the Emergency Book Fund, funded by faculty and staff via donations and fundraisers and a textbook rental library that operates on the honor system.

Deb Cougill, assistant to President Merna Saliman, began building and maintaining her own rental library, free of charge, several years ago. Books are available to students based on need and loaned out on the honor system at the beginning of each semester. Since the start of the program, the number of books has grown steadily each year, with students not only returning the loaned books but also contributing others to the collection, making the selection wider for each new class of students.

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