Friday, August 19, 2011

MCC highlights long-time employee: Deb Vacek

Twenty five years ago, Deb Vacek had graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, was a starving artist and was working “some job on the Plaza”. She needed a full-time job, and found one as a secretary working for Rick Drumm in Human Resources at MCC. “That’s how I earned money through college, doing that kind of work.”

Early on in her MCC career, while working for Reinhard Weglarz, she had her first experience with a Macintosh computer. “It was the first time I ever had a mouse in my hand,” says Deb. “It was the most wonderful experience. I ended up taking more classes and the job itself set me off in another direction.”

She has used her degree in fine arts, mixed with her natural creative design talents over the last 25 years at MCC.

The MCC Experience
“The best thing about MCC is the people and the relationships that I’ve built,” she explains. “We’ve all grown up together; it’s like we don’t even see each other aging because we’ve all grown up together everyday. It’s my favorite part of MCC - the people more than anything.”

Deb is currently a systems analyst II in the MCC web applications department.

Personal Time and Other Particulars
Deb likes to travel and has an upcoming trip planned in December to Africa.
She loves to hang out with her great group of friends and family.
Favorite word: The Yoko Ono - "YES"
Favorite Adult Beverage: Sauvignon Blanc, or beer (never light)
What Deb always brings to work: Matching shoes - almost always

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