Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movin’ on up – MCC Insider re-launch coming next week!

In August, The MCC Insider celebrated its one year anniversary of the launch date, which took an old weekly news PDF file to new heights. The MCC news team, made up of MCC campus and Administrative Center PIOs, created a dynamic, interactive site to share with you and the world - and we've done it again!

Coming in September, a re-launch of MCC Insider (we dropped the “the”) will appear when you click on the newsroom button on the MCC website. This site is more user oriented, in that the articles are categorized in different sections.

For instance, are you a student that doesn’t want to read about changes in employee benefits? Then click on the Student Life tab located on the top grey navigation bar. Are you looking for only employee related information? Visit the Employee Center in the same area. Other categories include Athletics, Calendar, and Community.

A sneak peek at MCC Insider - coming in September!

The improved news site showcases feature stories that scroll along the top. So now some of those important articles won’t get lost among the barrage of posts that happen throughout the day. Under the feature section is the tops news, and then the regular news feed. If you only searching for the latest career opportunities, check out the bottom right hand side.

Watch for it next week. If you type in the old address, you will be redirected the new site once it goes live. Click around and have fun with it…you can’t mess it up!

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