Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New students learn the ins and outs of A+

The Missouri A+ program is an important resource for students looking to attending college with an already stretched budget. The program provides for 2 years of free tuition at a community college based on attendance and other factors and has helped many students get costly basic courses out of the way and save money for transfer to another institution, as well as get certificates and begin working immediately.

But like everything financial-aid-related, there are rules and regulations and that's where MCC-Maple Woods' A+ Orientation course comes in to play. All students attending Maple Woods on the A+ program must complete a 3 hour, 1 credit hour course designed to teach them how the program works, how to keep receiving benefits, and how to excel at Maple Woods for as long as they are here.

Misty Chandler, Shelli Allen and Robin Stimac walk the students through important process while having a good time in Shelli's signature (and musical) style.

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