Monday, August 15, 2011

MCC Exhibits at MO State Fair - Science Fair in the Street

Metropolitan Community College sent 100+ Missouri State Fair visitors home with hand-built Cog Cards and a slightly cooled fair experience.  Click the video above to see MCC's Pedal Powered Cooling Station and kids building Cog Cards at the Missouri State Fair on Saturday, Aug 13.

Jen Dec and David Hawkins of MCC-BT brought parts, fixtures, and enough patience to help 100+ five to ten year-olds build planetary gear cards, which require precision glue-sticking and assembly of eleven tiny parts.  "The kids were fun", said Jen. "The kids REALLY liked building cards - we had their undivided attention for about ten minutes, which is pretty impressive - I say!"

The Pedal Powered Cooling Station used a water pump attached to a bicycle exercise trainer to mist fair patrons.  The pump pulled water from an 8 gallon tank and pressurized a series of misting heads.  "In all we pumped 24 gallons of water on the crowd.  Although I tried to con kids into taking a shift on the bike, I believe I ended up pedaling about 20 of the 24 gallons", said Alex Grigsby of MCC-BT.

Both the Cog Cards and Pedal Powered Cooling Station where designed at MCC's FabLab.  Science Fair in the Street was coordinated by Missouri State Fair and SCOPE.

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