Thursday, August 18, 2011

MCC welcomes new faculty and staff

Look at all these beautiful people!
The faculty and staff attended new employee orientation today at MCC-Penn Valley. The new employees and their campus is listed below in alphabetical order:

Carlos Bass, MCC-Maple Woods, Art
Heather Boell, MCC Administrative Center
LeAnn Bradberry, MCC-Business & Technology
Paul Bradley, MCC Administrative Center
Dawn Brady, MCC-Penn Valley, Counselor
Erwin Brown, MCC-Longview
Allen Cassity, MCC-Longview
David Collins, MCC-Blue River, English
Sarah Collins, MCC-Longview, Speech
Tracy Curry, MCC-Maple Woods, SCF Learning Center
Benton Dick, MCC Administrative Center
Ahmed El-Sherif, MCC-Penn Valley, Chemistry
Melissa Giese, MCC Administrative Center
Carol Gohdes, MCC-Penn Valley, Denistry
Carla Huffman, MCC-Maple Woods, Chemistry
Brian Hurley, MCC Administrative Center
Jody Hyman, MCC-Penn Valley, EMT/Paramedic
Julie Ingwerson, MCC-Maple Woods
Jennifer Johnson, MCC-Longview, Math
Tami Knight, MCC Administrative Center
Donald Lee, MCC-Penn Valley, Math
Kelly Mathews, MCC-Penn Valley, English
Roger McDougle, MCC-Penn Valley (Don Bosco)
Stacey McMillen, MCC-Penn Valley, Math
Liz Miller, MCC-Business & Technology
Mandy Moore, MCC-Blue River, Counselor
Anne Morgan, MCC-Longview, Philosophy
Alicia Norris, MCC-Penn Valley, Math
Mildred Nottingham, MCC-Penn Valley, Reading
Jana Osborn, MCC Administrative Center
Christopher Parrett, MCC-Maple Woods
Amy Prochaska, MCC-Business & Technology, English
Daniel Reneau, MCC-Longview, Art
Ricky Rapp, MCC Administrative Center
Sharon Soares, MCC Administrative Center
Jennifer Stephenson, MCC-Penn Valley, English
Zouhair Tamsamani, MCC-Blue River, Math
Tiffany Timmons, MCC Administrative Center
Lavon Tonga, MCC-Longview, Biology
Cynthia Tooley, MCC-Blue River, Sociology
Amber Wiggins, MCC-Blue River

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