Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives trains at MCC-Blue River

ATF Agents study restraint maneuvers at the Public
Safety Institute on the MCC-Blue River campus

The Public Safety Institute at MCC-Blue River is even more active than usual as agents from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms conduct training on premises this May. Special Agent Trista Frederick from ATF was on hand to explain how the bureau benefits from the use of the MCC-Blue River facilities.

“ATF is conducting control arrest techniques training, which includes handcuffing techniques and defensive tactics. The training is intended to teach agents how to safely place individuals under arrest and counteract non-compliant or combative subjects,” said Frederick. Later this month, ATF will return to MCC-Blue River to study explosives, with special attention to home-made or improvised explosive devices.

Asked why MCC-Blue River’s Public Safety Institute was a choice location for training, Fredericks said that “MCC-Blue River is a centrally located, convenient, and a high-quality training facility for ATF’s staff in the Kansas City area.” She went on to site possibilities of future ATF use of MCC-Blue River facilities when planned improvements are in place, saying, “ATF is also excited about MCC-Blue River’s
future plans to expand the public safety training facilities.”

It has been increasingly difficult for ATF to find suitable locations to train their agents in recent years. Budget constraints and the rarity of the type of training facilities required by ATF have been the main hurdles, according to Frederick. “This is one of the many reasons why ATF is so grateful for the positive working relationship we have with MCC-Blue River,” she said.

The ATF mission in maintaining high quality training is to keep agents and employees safe during the performance of their duties. “Training is vitally important to public safety careers,” said Frederick. Though ATF trainers provide the instruction to ATF agents on campus, Fredericks commented that “MCC-Blue River faculty should take pride in the fact that they are teaching life-saving skills which will protect their students and the public.”

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