Wednesday, May 11, 2011

See something? Say something!

As an employee of MCC you can assist with keeping our environment safe for everyone. MCC facility services always appreciates it when you report an unsafe condition or concern you see at your location. It’s easy to do - call the department directly to report an immediate need:

MCC-Blue River 604.6535
MCC-Business & Technology 604.5465
MCC-Longview 604.2060
MCC-Maple Woods 604.3060
MCC-Penn Valley 604.4060

Or you can go online through InfoEx and:
1) Select your web drop down menu
2) Select Physical Facilities Work Request
3) Select the building for the work request
4) Select the area, then enter a description of the request
5) Click submit to send your work request
6) You then receive a response letting you know your request was submitted successfully along with a work request number that you can reference
7) An email is also sent to you confirming the submission of your request, and once completed another email letting you know the requested work has been completed

Thank you in advance for being observant of potential safety hazards at your location. Keeping a focus on safety helps everyone!

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