Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Human Services program honors Dr. Bruce Hall

The Human Services semi-annual practicum luncheon held on May 6 recognized 11 students who have completed the 160-hour program and honored a dear friend who passed away this past semester.

This practicum experience is a vital part of our student’s learning outcome and plays an integral role within the helping professions in our community.

Three students accepted full-time employment from their agency placement. We are proud to continue our ongoing relationships (since the mid 80s) with such diversity of agency placements. Additionally, agency supervisors, administration, faculty and staff were also in attendance.

Tribute was given to Dr. Bruce Hall who was a wonderful coordinator for the Human Services program for the past 4 1/2 years.

Hall passed away on Jan. 5. 

Hall enhanced and extended the Human Services program and was an excellent instructor. Hall was inspirational, had divine inner wisdom, was quick witted and very dedicated to the Social Work profession. He will remain solely missed by his colleagues and students.

For more information about the Human Services program please call Terrie Euston at 816.604.2203.

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