Wednesday, May 4, 2011

88 days until tobacco-free MCC

The use of tobacco products will no longer be permitted on MCC grounds beginning August 1, 2011. Areas that are now designated smoking areas will no longer be available and butt receptacles will be removed from each campus and the Administrative Center.

The decision to become tobacco-free was announced last November by Chancellor Mark James. His purpose behind this initiative is to create a healthier campus environment for students, employees and visitors.

The tobacco-free policy is currently being discussed by the Chancellor’s Policy Review Committee. The committee anticipates the policy will be complete sometime in June.

For those wanting to kick the habit altogether, information regarding community cessation programs is available on the MCC tobacco-free webpage. Information about second hand smoke can also be located there.

1 comment:

  1. I think this policy is ridiculous. At Blue River and Penn Valley, the smoking areas are in locations that would otherwise receive little to no traffic, so I don't want to hear about "secondhand smoke exposure!!!" Both of the "fact sheets" only contain statistics that pertain to either being indoors or extreme proximity in a semi-sheltered area for several hours. Nothing about the wide-open spaces that are currently available for use at the campuses.

    Furthermore, why is smokeless tobacco thrown in as well? I know some people have spit cups, but there are products, such as Camel Snus, that are spit-less!!!

    I have never smoked on campus before, but I plan on doing so as soon as the Fall Semester starts!