Friday, May 13, 2011

Employees: Join the MCC Fitness Centers - no cost!

Did you know employees can use the MCC Fitness Centers at no cost? Visit any of the campus fitness centers, complete and sign a waiver, and you become a member. It’s that simple! You are not restricted to the campus in which you work. Utilize all of them or one thata's convenient for you. Click here to find a location best for you.

After you work out, don't forget to log your success on the Points-to-Blue incentive program. For other wellness information visit the InfoEx here.

Here’s the details:

Full-time and flexible part-time employees are eligible to join the MCC fitness centers at no cost. These benefit eligible employees will need to go through the normal screening process by answering a series of questions concerning such things as chest pain, blood pressure, asthma, fainting spells, etc. This screening is conducted on-site at the appropriate fitness center. If there is no problem with the screening, employees will be allowed to use the center. If there is a problem, employees will need to get a release from their doctor before being allowed to use the center.

Spouses may be added for a cost of $10 per month, families may be added for $15 per month; and dependent membership is contingent upon the same wellness screening process administered to employees. Every two years, employees and their dependents would need to be screened again. Dependent children will be eligible until age 24, regardless of student status.

Part-time faculty and temporary part-time (1000 hour) staff who wish to join the fitness centers must go through the screening process as detailed above for benefit eligible employees. Once they are cleared to use the center, they too will be eligible for free membership. Since this is a benefit for part-time faculty and temporary part-time (1000 hour) staff employees only, there is no discount for dependents, however, there would be some financial benefit because the employee would already be a member (i.e. – a spouse could join at a single member rate instead of the couple rate).

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