Thursday, May 19, 2011

MCC helps school kids at Spofford Home

MCC is putting together an in-kind donation to help the kids at Spofford Home get ready for the next school year. Spofford Home is a home for children who have suffered through traumatic life experiences and mental health issues.

Here’s what the kids at Spofford Home need:

School uniforms (Navy/Khaki bottoms, White/Navy tops)
Back packs
Wal-mart gift cards (starting at $5, to buy school uniforms)
Glue sticks and Elmer’s glue bottles
Composition journals

Please send donations by interoffice mail to Amy Slater at MCC-Blue River or bring them to Amy in the Student Life and Leadership Office.

Amanda Hallier from Spofford Home says,
“We particularly have difficulty getting enough school uniforms for the children we serve in our Kansas City school districts.  We do take gently used uniforms. We will take as many uniforms or Wal-mart cards as you can collect, and we’re always short."

The psychology department at MCC-Blue River sponsored an iHope event to raise awareness of Spofford Home in April, and this June donation drive is a way of turning the energy generated by the iHope campaign into real help for those children at Spofford Home.
“This is the start of summer for us, but this is often a very hard time for children who are emotionally troubled and for those who live in poverty," said Kimberly Glackin, Blue River psychology instructor. "We want to connect with the needs of the children in our community and help them to prepare for school this fall so that perhaps one day they too can pursue higher education.”

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