Thursday, May 12, 2011

MCC-Maple Woods 2011 Student Award Honorees

Congratulations to the following students for being honored at MCC-Maple Woods' 2011 Student Awards Ceremony:

Kyle Curp, Stephen Barber, Shawnie Peck, Inga Nilsson, Victor Sanchez, Julie Whistman, Samatha Nolker, Kayla Patton, Michael Selinger, Stephen Senne, Sofia Castellano, Jordan Deas, Josh Ogren, Tara Chavez, Catalina Boudreaux,Angela Cummins, Ruben Lara, Janelle Maroon, Pleasance Mertz, Yanfang Sykes, Melba Keefer, and Chris Nauman.

Not pictured: Daniel Bruns, Sheryl Mattox, Ryan Barnett, Jamie Craig, Brecken Heft, Richard Mynatt, Jillian Porter, Neil Smith, JoAnna Speiser, Kristin Venzian, Jeff Cline, Kylie Ball, Mallory White, Colton Adams.

Also, congratulations to John Stockmyer, who was nominated and selected by students for the Outstanding Contribution Award. John is retiring this year after 50 years of service to MCC-Maple Woods.

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