Monday, May 2, 2011

MCC bookstores undergo process review

Last month, Vice Chancellor Tuesday Stanley formed a task force to conduct a process review of the MCC bookstores. The task force, chaired by Patricia Amick, MCC director of management advisory services, and Mindy Johnson, MCC-Penn Valley academic advisor, will gather information on procedures in all five MCC bookstores and conduct a financial analysis.

Specifically, the group is charged with:

• Reporting on the current processes of the bookstores;

• Gathering best practice data on other institutions’ bookstores that are markedly profitable;

• Developing recommendations on process improvements for MCC bookstores that improve the stores’ profitability and retail environment and integrate the bookstores into the student enrollment process; and

• Analyzing the feasibility of outsourcing versus internal management of the bookstores.

To inform their work, the task force will conduct online surveys for both MCC students and MCC employees. The student survey will be posted on the MCC bookstores’ web page today and a team will deploy on the campuses this week to invite students to sit down and provide their feedback. The employee survey will be distributed by email on May 3. Your feedback is valuable; please respond!

The task force, which includes two representatives from the district-wide bookstore staff, will solicit addition input from other bookstore personnel throughout the process. Johnson and Amick will present a plan to Stanley on Sept. 2, 2011.

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