Monday, June 20, 2011

Adult Car Control Clinic to be hosted by BMW Car Club at MCC-Blue River

The first ever Adult Car Control Clinic was a huge success last year, and the BMW Car Club of Kansas City aims to make it happen again this weekend, June 25th at MCC-Blue River.

The clinic allows participants to explore the limits of their own vehicle and their driving skills in an open, controlled, and extremely safe environment on the Precision Driving Course at MCC-Blue River. The clinic consists of both classroom and in-car training. In class, vehicle dynamics, tire management, vision and mirror awareness, and proper seating position will all be discussed.

Once in the car, we will run through a series of orange-cone parking lot and wet skid pad exercises, learning skills that you can apply to everyday driving. This will also give participants a chance to take on some of the driving maneuvers they have always wanted to attempt, without taking any safety risks or
violating laws.

This event is open to all vehicles, including convertibles. Helmets are not required. A valid driver's license and the registration fee, which includes lunch, are the only requirements. Register now at this link.

Last year there were over 10 million car accidents that resulted in 48,000 fatalities. For years, the KC BMW Club has held a teen driving class in order to reduce the number of teens killed in car accidents. Last year, the club started to teach a similar driving class geared toward adults with the same goal of producing better drivers. This year, BMW Car Club of Kansas City is holding its car control event on June 25th at Metropolitan Community College-Blue River.

The driving experience is also very affordable. Similar single day events can cost $1,000 (not including travel expenses). Eight hours of hands-on driving instruction from the KC BMW Club will cost you only $90, and that includes lunch.

The objective of the school is to drivers safer and more confident. The class shares professional driving knowledge that is not readily available to the masses. After drivers' education in school, most of our learning comes only from our daily driving. This driving class gives the student the ability to take their learning further than they ever thought possible - at a facility that provides a safe and controlled environment to learn. Improving real-world driving is our goal, and creating better drivers is the key. Participants will learn the basics of car control by participating in slalom, skid pad, and emergency avoidance exercises. These exercises will better prepare drivers for the streets of KC and help avoid accidents.

This even is staffed by a group of instructors with backgrounds in instruction and high performance driving. The club is very fortunate to have a consistent, dedicated group of instructors that donate their time to make these events a huge success.

June 25, Adult Car Control Clinic, MCC-Blue River Precision Driving Course (just east of the main campus), $90 registration

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