Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Campus critter calls MCC-Longview home

Campus Killdeer

MCC-Longview is no stranger to wildlife. Whether its the deer that graze on the baseball fields or the fish living in the pond outside the Science and Technology building, animals always seem welcome on campus.

This week a mother Killdeer has nested in the rock bed at the front entrance of campus (in the circular drive). She was noticed on Monday by students and faculty as they started the week.

Despite the fact that this mother bird might blend into the rocks, she is not afraid to chirp and scream when someone gets too close. Already facilities has placed a wire marker directly over the nest and a sign as been posted warning people not to get too close.

"Usually she nests in the garden next to the Business Building," NUS coordinator Rich Ritter said. "Seems she is getting a bit more comfortable with us here on campus."

For more photos of the killdeer and her nest, fly on over to the MCC-Longview photo blog.

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