Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Run thru the River 5K" brings in smiles, prizes, and big bucks

The inaugural “Run thru the River” 5K at MCC-Blue River was a fabulous success. Eighty participants signed up for the event, several times the goal number that event organizers had originally aimed for. Laughs and smiles abounded at the finish line despite muddy conditions on portions of the course due to the previous night’s rain. 

The overall first through third place females to finish the race were Mindy Johnson, Emily Morgan and Karla Deathrage. The overall top three male finishers were Tom Ballew, Geordie McGonagle and Devyn Mapes.

Medals were awarded to the top male and female finishers in 7 age categories:

Jester Weston
Courtney Woodward
Devyn Mapes
Olivia Heacock
TJ Casper
Jessica Stacy
Mindy Johnson
Eric Sligar
Cheri Cain
Diane Bales
Geordie McGonagle
Tom Ballew
Sara Woodward
Steve Grubbs
Mary Ellen Jenison

Event organizer Dave Owens expects to have many more participants in Run thru the River next year. Runners came from all over the greater Kansas City, Mo. area and eastern Kansas. This kind of success in the first year of
a run is a great sign for its continued success.

Sponsors of “Run thru the River” were:

1.       Missouri Comets – Donated four vouchers for eight total seats for the 2011-2012 season.  They also sent out promotional emails about the race to all of their electronic newsletter fans.
2.       Recognition Plus – Donated 14 medals for the top male and female winners in 7 different age categories
3.       Panera Bread – Donated gift cards for free meals
4.       Wendy’s – Donated coupons for breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal bars, as well as 10% of all sales from their store on 291 during the mornings race.
5.       Blue River Bookstore – Donated hats, cups, pencils, t-shirts, water bottles and the race packet bags
6.       Hyvee – Donated water, bananas and fruit for all participants
7.       Fun Services Midwest – Donated free rental of kids party attractions (i.e. jumbo inflatable bungee run, slides, etc.)
8.       On the Border – Donated free coupons
9.       Treat America – Donated water 

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