Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chancellor: Search for MCC-Blue River president officially begins

Chancellor Mark James visited the MCC-Blue River campus today to announce the beginning of the official national search for a new campus president. Primary qualities sought in this individual shall be that he or she is dynamic, experienced in the field of education administration, demonstrates an understanding of budgetary concerns and knowledge of how to achieve success on the financial side of the position, and a variety of other noteworthy skills and abilities.

Concerns about budgetary struggles came up near the end of the meeting, and the chancellor approached them with all due concern, stating that our pragmatic approach to increasing revenue would include creating more programs that bring the school additional income. The I.W.I. program which has already experienced great success in forming over fifty lucrative business contracts was used as a great example of new opportunities and revenue streams at MCC.

Other plans may include expanding our collegiate district’s footprint and finding ways to serve college-bound individuals in the St. Joseph area whom will no longer find A+ and associate’s degree programs at Missouri Western that were available in previous years. Missouri Western’s recent move to become a university has engendered a number of opportunities for MCC in the St. Joseph area.

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