Friday, June 3, 2011

SkillsUSA Brings 1,000s to KC June 21-23 - MCC Intends to say "Hello"

The SkillsUSA Championship showcases the best career and technical students in the nation.  Students compete against the clock and each other, proving their expertise in occupations like electronics, computer-aided drafting, crime scene investigation, medical assisting, photography, robotics and culinary arts.

This multi-million dollar event requires a space larger than 16 football fields.  Last year, there were more than 5,600 contestants in 96 separate events.  This year, more than 15,000 students, parents, teachers, judges and industry representatives will attend SkillsUSA Championship between June 21 and 23.  This national competition creates an economic impact of around $15 million for the Kansas City area, according to Kansas City Business Journal.

While Bartle hall is the main location for competition, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, and Precicsion Machining Technology contests will be held in MCC-BTC's 8,800 sq. ft. Precision Machining lab.

MCC plans to welcome every single guest!  Or, at least parade amongst them wearing MCC t-shirts.

MCC-BTC’s Kate Douglas and Ed McCarty will be at the SkillsUSA Championships to help judge then Internetworking completion.  Gene Giarratano, David Hawkins, Jennifer Dec, and, Steve Dowell will help judge the Precision Machining competitions.  Longview's Rory Perrodin, Stan Abrahamson, David Patience, and Gary McDaniel will participate as judges and helpers for Automotive Service Technology.  Lonview student, David Michael Gray, will participate in Automotive Service Technical Information competition.  Charlie Tidwell, Fullfilment Center Coordinator, has been asked to judge in the Graphics Communications (Pre-Press/Digital Workflow) competition. MCC-BTC student, Micheal Whited, will be competing in the Prepared Speech after winning state in April. Alex Grigsby and others will staff a large attractive booth with interactive displays in the TECHSPO area where warm smiles and charming quips will be dispensed to out-of-town guests.

You, as an MCC employee or student, are encouraged to don your best MCC t-shirt and attend this FREE, three-day, high-energy event for a few hours or all day.  It is a wonderful, free field trip for anyone 8 to 88 years-old.  Companies like Lowes, Bosch, Lincoln welders, Harley Davidson, Lenox, and Carhart will have interactive exhibits and giveaways.   (Hint: Thursday is the best day to visit)  More information about SkillsUSA Championship can be found here.

Several dozen MCC students currently participate in SkillsUSA competition at local, regional and state level every year.  If you, or someone you know, would like more information about competing on the MCC SkillsUSA Team, contact Ed McCarty or Kate Douglas.
Competitors battle the clock, each other and tough tolerance standards during Precision Machining Technology competition at SkillsUSA Championships in 2010.  This year's national competitions in CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Preicision Machining Technology  take place on Wednesday, June 22 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at MCC-Business & Technology.

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