Thursday, June 9, 2011

MCC-Maple Woods June Employee of the Month: Betty Roecker

Betty Roecker, a part time administrative assistant, that goes above and beyond to serve not just one but two academic divisions: Math, Physics, & Communications and Science & Technology. She helps students, faculty, staff and division chairs with forms, faxing, copying, scheduling meetings and assigning classes, keeping up with paperwork and budgets and deadlines, and she does it with professionalism, diplomacy, and genuine kindness.  

Not only does she fill her normal hours, she has come in beyond her usual hours to serve on screening committees, to train newly-hired administrative assistants, and to help with evening recruiting events and moves due to construction. She takes initiative and is creative in approaches to presenting information or solving problems. 

She keeps abreast of facilities needs and construction in the Math/Science Building and is a great communicator. She has helped greatly with efforts to move faculty into the Math/Science building after the division restructuring, and she continues to posit creative solutions to using the diminishing space as construction continues - even while adjusting to a smaller and less ideal office space herself.

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