Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Unsung “B”ero

Let’s be honest, accounting people don’t usually get much credit. They’re often thought of simply as number-crunchers who prefer working with calculators to working with people.

That stereotype does not ring true for many of MCC’s accounting staff, including this month’s Administrative Center employee of the month, B Sanchez. Recognized by her nominator as “an upbeat and compassionate person who fills a vital role in accounting,” B is an accounting specialist who has worked at MCC for three years.

B, who goes by the shortened version of her given name,
 Beatriz, at the office because it’s easier to pronounce, is known by her colleagues at the AC and around the district as resourceful and approachable.

“She is always very helpful when employees come to accounting with questions and is very knowledgeable about her job,” said her nominator.

B’s role in the department involves processing check requests for vendor and employee payments, making check deposits and invoicing MCC’s rental properties. Before coming to MCC in 2008, she worked for the Kansas City, Missouri School District for 18 years as payroll supervisor and in a number of other positions. Prior to working for the school district, B spent 13 years at the Federal Reserve Bank, most recently as accounting processing supervisor.

After serving in supervisory roles for so many years, B says that one of her favorite parts about her current role is that she is now only responsible for her own work, though she remains committed to quality in everything she does.

“I love sinking into my work and always give it my best and really enjoy the change of pace,” said B.

She added that the team she works with in accounting has made her MCC experience particularly enjoyable.

“We run like a well-oiled machine,” she said. “When there’s a problem production doesn’t stop. We just huddle, discuss and execute.”

When B is away from the office, she enjoys attending Zumba classes and producing photo-collage videos for special family occasions. Just last month, she and her husband celebrated the wedding of their youngest son, the last of her three children to get married.

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