Thursday, June 30, 2011

Call Center Gets Name, Launch Date

Plans for a centralized call center at MCC have been under development since November 2010, and the center now has an official name and opening date.

The MCC Information Center, which will be housed on the Penn Valley campus, is scheduled to open in February 2012.

Described as a telephonic drive-through window of sorts, the Information Center is designed to provide quick, concise answers to student inquiries about everything from financial aid to advising to continuing education.

Members of the Information Center planning committee visited each campus in May to provide project updates and answer questions. Additional info sessions will be conducted in the fall; watch The MCC Insider for dates.

See below for the introductory PowerPoint presentation, which includes details about the primary student services that will be supported by the Information Center, how it will be staffed and other important information.

If you have questions, please contact your campus planning committee representative:
• MCC-Penn Valley: Mindy Johnson
• MCC-Maple Woods: Dusty Mills
• MCC-Business and Technology: Chris VanDell
• MCC-Blue River: Bob Florence
• MCC-Longview: Francine Roberts

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