Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MCC Student Ambassadors live, learn and lead at MSU

The 2nd Annual Student Ambassador Leadership Conference was held at Missouri State University June 23-25.  Fifty-one students from nine different community college campuses attended this unique learning experience where the students lead the workshops along with area Student Ambassador Sponsors from Maple Woods, Longview, Penn Valley and Blue River. 

Rodger La Beth was asked to attend as the event’s keynote speaker where his presentation titled “Carpe Diem” kicked off the week’s theme of finding your passion and working with passion. The students participated in teambuilding, diversity, communication, and community service workshops all while spending quality time on a 4-year college campus. All participants stayed in the community-style residence hall and ate in the student cafeteria. MSU was a generous host and even gave every student a $20 giftcard to their campus store.  (So don’t be surprised to see a lot of MSU gear next semester wandering around your campuses!)

This leadership opportunity not only allows our Student Leaders to network and gain motivation for moving on to their 4-year institutions, it helps all of our colleges have better, more professional tour guides to lead our next generation of students through our front doors.

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