Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maple Woods vet techs contribute a combined 36 years of experience to local animal hospital

Located in the booming Animal Health Corridor, the MCC-Maple Woods veterinary technology program has a nearly 100% success rate of putting its graduates to work in the animal health industry, many times even before they graduate. Where do all the graduates go? Many of them work locally in clinics throughout the metro area, some continue pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine and some choose to go into research or other animal related industries in the area.

One veterinary clinic - Three Trails Animal Hospital in Independence, Mo. - is putting the skills of Maple Woods vet tech graduates to work. All four of the clinic's registered vet techs are graduates of the Maple Woods program, dating back to 1995. Vicki Dressler, Amy Richardson, Mariah Marshall and Megan Sander are just a few of the vet tech program's alumni who live, go to school and continue working locally after graduation.

Marshall and Dressler both worked at the hospital for four years before completing their degrees - but both said they were able to apply what they learned immediately, sometimes the next day.

"It was almost like work was an extension of school, or school was an extension of work. Everything contributed to my experience in and out of the classroom."

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