Friday, June 3, 2011

Students, faculty and staff join forces to spruce up Penn Valley grounds!

Linda Lechowicz (right) enlisted the support of Sereptia Evans, student, (left) and many others to help her plant flowers and plants across the main entryway.
Linda Lechowicz thought long and hard about her MCC Leadership Academy Project. She decided to use her passion for gardening to plant flowers and plants around the main campus entrance area. When she shared her idea with the rest of campus, several students, faculty and staff members stepped up to help.

In addition to Lechowicz, the rest of Penn Valley's Better Homes and Gardens Team consisted of: Vicki Raine, Zola Gordy, Muna Dempsey, Judi Sprintz, Michele Allen, Carroll O'Neal, Gurbhushan Singh and Sereptia Evans.

Looking good everyone!

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