Friday, June 17, 2011

FabLab Father's Day Present Build Time: 1.5hrs / Induced Smiles: 150hrs

During his lunch break yesterday, Alex Grigsby, a mild craftsman, built his father's day present in MCC-BTC's FabLab.  (Message safe here; he doesn't have internet or a computer)  The younger Grigsby feels sense of pride and accomplishment from making a tangible thing.  Older Grigsby feels sense of pride because his son has capacity to run a miter saw and drill and didn't grow up a total flop.  Father expected to say, "Son, didn't you build me this same birdhouse when you were twelve?"  Answer: "Yes"

Entire bluebird house made from single 1X6 board - fancy FabLab logo in picture above burned with laser engraver.  Plans downloaded from Missouri Department of Conservation website -  Learn more about FabLab here.

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